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So I have this frustrating issue with my s5. I have a brand new jvc car stereo, a brand new high quality aux cord and when I play music through the car stereo with the aux I get static. When the charger is plugged in at the same time the static is even worse. Other devices played on the stereo have no static. I tried some electro magnets that clip on to aux cord, no luck. I tried calling verizon and samsung. Samung said do a factory reset and send it to them but they warned they would have it for awhile. I ordered a noise reducing aux cord from amazon yesterday to try. The phone has no static with the headphone or an aux cord plugged into a home stereo, issue is just in the car. Can anyone offer any insight?


#1 wabakimi07, Sep 10, 2014
I believe I may have found part of the cause of this.

For me, the clue was in the jack plugs for the samsung standard earplugs (which produce no static), compared to that of my own headphones (which did produce static). The samsung standard earplugs jack plug has three plastic rings on it. My own headphone only has two. Some research showed that the three-ring plug is called a "4 pole jack plug": it has another pole to be able to transmit microphone audio. My own headphones only have 3 poles, so the galaxy's microphone receiver pole actually outputs as static into my headphone. To resolve this, I bought an 8$ adapter called "3.5mm Jack Headphone Microphone Splitter". Plugged it into my phone, plugged my headphones into the audio part of the splitter, and I've got sound without static. Yay!
#3 karmlol, Nov 3, 2015
EDIT: Just noticed eldealero beat me to it with the same product. It should fix any static issues you're having, I use this exact one in my civic and it works fantastic.

You need a ground loop isolator.

$8 on amazon.
#4 IOWA, Nov 4, 2015