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I've had my S5 for a while and it's been working fine. I charge it with various chargers, cords, and have never had a problem. All of the sudden it is not taking a charge. No matter what cord or charger I use, I get the message

"The connected charger is incompatible with this phone. To prevent damage to this phone, charging has been stopped. To continue charging, use the original charger and cable that were provided with this phone."

Those days are gone... i have no idea where the original charger is. I can probably find the original cord. But I have tried different cords (including one that has the extra wide connector and charges faster). I've tried plugging into a laptop USB port, a Samsung charger (that came with a tablet) and another generic charger that has 5 ports and works fine on other devices.

I even tried switching batteries and I still get the message.


I'm going to take out the memory card and back up everything that's on there, but I would hate to have to do a factory refresh on the internal memory.

any ideas???!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

gary in vermont


#1 garybeck, Feb 21, 2017
Before you resort to a reset, make sure your charging port is clean.
I've had mine for a couple of years, with no problems but my doughter broke the port cover off of hers, and had the same issues. Turned out she had some trash inside the port.
#2 PitCarver, Feb 22, 2017
thanks I tried poking in there with a plastic toothpick and shooting some compressed air in there and it didn't help.....
#3 garybeck, Feb 22, 2017 Last edited: Feb 22, 2017
This happened with one of our phones, even when it WAS on the original charger. As it turns out, it's a software, not hardware issue.

To fix it:

1. Clear the cache
2. Discharge it completely by removing the battery and holding the power button down for a minute.

That's it. Haven't had that error message since.

Good luck!
#4 Bright Life, Feb 23, 2017
This exact event happened to my S5. I went through the web search for a fix. I cleaned everything.I kept my fingers crossed and hoped it was a cache issue or obstructed charge port. I wipe the cache. I did a factory reset. I used several different cables and chargers (including a USB battery). I wanted to blame Samsung for a secret software update program bomb. Well it wasn't any of that. It was the charge port daughter board and battery. Must have been a power surge. The charge port daughter board failed and the battery also suffered. It's not an easy fix. The screen needs to be removed. If you're not familiar with this type of repair, take it to an expert. Otherwise it's time to upgrade and sell your S5 for parts.
#5 James Cusack, Jun 12, 2017