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Support S6 Edge Motherboards for Sale?

My S6 Edge has taken liquid damage. I sent it off to Samsung to see if it could be repaired. They returned the phone back to me broken, stating that there is corrosion on the PBA components.

I've been looking around on the internet for a S6 Edge motherboard to see if swapping it out would help, but have not been able to find them for sale.

I've seen (literally) every other part / component of the phone for sale, except for the motherboard.

As someone new to smart phone it that motherboards are prohibited from sale to the public, or I've just had terrible luck finding them?

If anyone can provide info on where I can find a retailer that sells motherboards for the S6 Edge, it would be greatly appreciated!



#1 RajCaj, Jun 5, 2015
Probably just a result of it still being a new phone and Edge's having higher than expected demand.
#2 S6edge46220, Jun 6, 2015

I was able to get in touch with a few online retailers that sell spare parts and both mentioned that they were not allowed to sell the motherboards due to some sort of copyright issues.

So it may very well be that sale of this part of the phone is prohibited to direct consumers.

I may be able to get a used one, that someone is trying to offload as spare parts....but as you mentioned, they aren't out yet. All other parts of the phone are very reasonable to replace, so I assume anyone that doesn't have motherboard issues is able to affordably repair their phone, vs. selling the working motherboard on ebay or something...

Alas....I think I'm out of options. I gave the internals a 91% iso-alcohol bath and have it sitting in a container of rice. I'll give it a few days and try to power it up again. If that doesn't work, I suppose the fat lady has sung.
#3 RajCaj, Jun 8, 2015
For how much are u selling ur motherboard i need one for my s6 edge...
#4 Eriberto Ramos, Sep 9, 2015
#5 Gimmick_User, Oct 11, 2015