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S8 How to get bottom bar (buttons) to always stay visible

I have tried to find this on google, and other forums, but I can only find partial solutions.

Does anyone know how to get the bottom buttons (Apps, Home, Back) buttons to ALWAYS stay there, even when gaming or with an app open?
I can only get it to stay open on the 'desktop' home screen and in a couple apps.
Other than that, it auto hides the buttons.
I hate using the swipe up because it always ends up launching something instead of giving me the Back Home Apps bar.

You guys have been so helpful, I hope you can help me with this also (please provide steps if you know how to do it? I have been on the Note 4 since the day it came out, and its like learning a whole new operating system jumping from 2014 os to new os, trhey hide everything now like windows 10 does. Sigh).



#1 Dave3d, Jun 5, 2018
Settings>display>navigation bar>show and hide button
#2 no one, Jun 5, 2018
There is a small circle on the far left, tap it twice to make the navigation bar stay visible.
#3 adamgahagan1, Jun 8, 2018
Nope, doesnt work. It changes to some other button. :(
And, I installed NovaLauncher, and it has a setting to always make the bar stay, and it works a bit.
But, while gaming, the bar ALWAYS goes invisible and hides, and this is where I need it the most, because lots of older games and even newer ones rely on that BACK button, they have no ingame button to go back or to exit (exit NOONE has a button for).
So, every time I try to exit a game, it launches something in the game, and I end up having to do this 2-3-4 times to get to the 'Exit?' option.
It is just killing my gameplay, and making it frustrating as heck.
And, since I am disabled, and bedriddin most of the time, this is what I do: Play games on my phone and ailing tablet.
#4 Dave3d, Jun 10, 2018
@adamgahagan1 is spot on with this one. What he is referring to is Samsung's (immersive) full screen mode they added in an update to take advantage of the infinity display.

However as you have found out the new operating system has full screen functions built in by default so long as the app itself supports it IE is running the correct API level.

In this case the developer can decide from 3 different full screen modes, all of which hide the nav bars unfortunately.

Have a read here:

However, if you go into your display settings you will find a page detailing which apps are locked in full screen mode and which you can toggle. I've attached an image for you to see. You may find some of your older apps can be toggled.
#5 JAy3001, Jun 13, 2018 at 2:48 AM