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General Samsung AllShare - How to sync with Samsung Smart TV?

Trying to use Samsung All share with my Smart TV but when i click the allshare app on the tv end it says no devices are connected -

Have the all share app on the GS3 and have the phone syncd as well as have sugarsnap but the tv is not showing up - what gives?

I have tried using swipe it which works great for photos but the videos are very choppy


#1 ImpulsebuyerNy, Jul 15, 2012
Have you gone in setting and turning on file sharing?
#2 DC2_408, Jul 15, 2012
you need an Allshare Cast Dongle, theyd are not really available right now but are supposed to be very soon. Google Allshare Cast Dongle and you can read up on all you need to know. It wont just sync up without one, this is the only one I found anywhere, but I know nothing about this site at all, just wanted to show you an example

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#3 RedStorm, Jul 15, 2012
That's for non-samsung TVs.

I think they have two apps now, AllShare "play" is pre-installed and I only just took a look at it. It seems you need to set it up online.

Download AllShare "player" from the Google play store and try that.

Samsung really needs to get all of their ridiculous apps to work together.

Do we really need Media Hub, SwypeIt, and two different versons of Allshare? I wouldn't be surprised if I was missing another one or two.
#4 TadeoNYC, Jul 16, 2012
On mine all I did was connect both to the same wifi. Done. I do have a wifi dongle for my sammy tv as it didn't have wifi built in.
#5 droblyer, Jul 16, 2012
I dont even have a clue as to how to work this allshare thing - I tried downloading the allshare for PC and that doesn't even work either (i keep getting this weird message about first you have to uninstall the previous versions - I dont have any other versions :mad: ) so therefore it wont install -

And as for the TV app (which was included in the smarthub on my TV) it keeps saying No Device is connected and will not go past that message - this whole process is a waste of time and I will try other options - dont know why its even included ....

If swipe it is the same thing with media transferring (although videos dont buffer well) and the music player via S3 allows you to transfer music to the TV - the only thing allshare will allow me to do is view content on the TV from my PC which i can do already with windows media
#6 ImpulsebuyerNy, Jul 16, 2012
You need the Allshare adaptor for your TV.

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#7 hector361, Mar 5, 2014
On my Samsung smart TV, I have to use 'Screen mirroring' found in the source button (where you would change from a set top box or other input device) works perfect for me. make sure you are connected via the same internet network, my tv is wired and my phone on the same wifi

Edit: obviously it will still work if the TV connect to wifi and Phone is on the same wifi network
#8 graham35, Mar 6, 2014
Just got one of these TV's today. I turned on file sharing in settings on the phone, then picked the TV from the list. I went to gallery, and picked a photo, and clicked the little share symbol at the top. A pop-up came on the TV, asking to accept or decline the link.

After that, I could send anything to the TV with no further set up.
#9 gordonfink, Mar 9, 2014
Another late reply to an old thread.

I've found that I sometimes have to reboot the S3 for screen mirroring to work.

For some reason, after the 4.3 upgrade, it will connect once, then after that, it will immediately disconnect.

You can either use the input source, as noted above, or go to Network settings, Allshare, screen mirroring, then connect the phone.
#10 gordonfink, Mar 16, 2014