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Samsung cloud is it on note 8 unlocked phone reason I ask Verizon does not have this

Does Note 8 unlocked version have Samsung Cloud because Verizon does not have this morning


#1 jim261, Sep 13, 2017
Yes, my unlocked N8 has Samsung Cloud. I understand why an unlocked phone might not include a carrier-specific feature such as wifi calling, but I don't understand why a carrier would eliminate a feature such as Samsung Cloud.
#2 WeeWilly, Sep 13, 2017 Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
Verizon may have their own paid service which may be the reason they removed it... speculation of course..
#3 marctronixx, Sep 13, 2017
Yes, they have Verizon Cloud.

Verizon also dumbed down the device maintenance. Those evil turds.
#4 TrueFangz, Sep 13, 2017 Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
Verizon took away Samsung Cloud and provided their own free 5gb Verizon Cloud instead on my Note7. I suspect they did the same on the Note8. There was a workaround on the Verizon Note7 that might also work for the Verizon Note8. Hopefully someone can try it and let everyone else know. If I recall all you had to do was create a shortcut on your homescreen and then use that to find Samsung Cloud and add it that way. Of course it's a bit trickier than that as you have to get the right application but you get the idea.
#5 kokiangel, Sep 13, 2017
I'm working on that, too. Like the Note 7, Samsung Cloud IS a system app on the Note 8. But Verizon made Samsung remove the icon... which means the average user has no idea it's there. Why Samsung would allow MZW to bully them around, replacing 15GB free storage with 5GB Verizon Cloud, is beyond me.

Hey Samsung: it's okay to say NO! to Verizon! What are they going to do, not sell your phones? They'll back off, trust me!

Anyway, I've got the shortcut figured out to create the icon - I'm just tweaking it to make sure it works.
#6 The_Chief, Sep 14, 2017
Awww. I just knew you'd be the one to come shining through for everyone on Verizon.
#7 kokiangel, Sep 14, 2017
Because VZW/Big Red/Big Brother, and other carriers can bully manufacturers around, otherwise they don't sell their phones probably. AFAIK the only phone-maker that doesn't get bullied and coerced to remove features, lock-down, and add carrier bloat is Apple. But would VZW back-off to Samsung, on the other hand Samsung receives lots of $$$ for adding VZW's apps and services AFAIK.
#8 mikedt, Sep 14, 2017

#9 GeekInTraining, Sep 16, 2017
Well, I figured out how to open it, but not execute the backup. This is tricky...
#10 The_Chief, Sep 16, 2017
Okay folks, bad news. I have so far exhausted my options to get this working. I'm so close! I can open Backup & Restore, I can see the options of what to back up and how much room I have in the cloud (surprisingly, almost 35GB). What I CAN'T do is get the 'Backup and Sync' command at the bottom to light up so I can select it.

I tried to create shortcuts with every other activity, trying to find that magic combination that would activate the backup & sync command... no matter what I did, though, it's still ghosted.

This isn't over yet - I'll continue to research this issue and see if there's something else hiding somewhere that I can do. Feel free to help!

EDIT: Well, it looks like Verizon bullied Samsung into disabling Samsung Cloud on their branded phones. I have tried every conceivable method of getting it to work... I'm so close, but I just can't get it over the finish line...
#11 The_Chief, Sep 17, 2017 Last edited: Sep 20, 2017