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General Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes out of the box with a handful of nice looking wallpapers pre-installed on the device. If you're looking to get your hands on them and download them to your current device, you can download the whole pack using the link(s) below.
If you already have a Galaxy Note and you're looking to plaster some new wallpapers on your home screen, I've compiled a list of my favorite wallpapers from Phandroid's "Android Wallpaper" series. They all center around a specific theme, so find one you like and download anything that catches your eye!
If you don't feel like clicking, here are 2 of my personal favorites I've been using on my lockscreen (the mask) and my home screen (No Face) recently.

dlanham-Mononoke_Dark (1).jpg dlanham-NohFace (1).jpg


#1 GamerCore, Oct 12, 2017
Not too shabby. Did they include any Live Wallpapers on your Note 8 ?
#2 dontpanicbobby, Oct 13, 2017
Samsung's Theme Store claims to have live wallpapers but beware...they mean only for your lockscreen! Seems sort of pointless to me as you see that screen for what, 2 seconds? I also go to for free wallpapers. Mind you these are really meant for your computer screen but the cropped versions of some of them are still pretty amazing on your Note8. And did I mention they're free? 1000's to choose from in every possible category.
#3 kokiangel, Oct 13, 2017