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I am having problems with my Samsung Galaxy S4 camera! The camera is completely upside down, the buttons and menus are all inverted and photos and videos shot with the camera are saved into the gallery upside down. I have tried clearing the cache, restarting the phone multiple times and checking for updates but it hasn't helped at all! I haven't downloaded any new apps or done any major updates.

The phone is also having rotation issues where the screen will rotation the opposite of what it should. The camera, at this point, is the only app that is completely stuck upside down with no option to rotate.

Does anyone have a fix? This is driving me insane. I would love any alternative to a factory reset because that is my next and final option.



#1 KendraM, Apr 24, 2014
Take screenshots and send them to your carrier and tell them to contact Samsung saying you want a replacement with all your storage back, this is unacceptable...
#2 androidlover9, May 11, 2014
believe it or not, i used to use my Galaxies in portrait mode to shoot photos, and had been doing that in Android for a long time, yet wondered why they came out all 'sideways' when posted online or in the Gallery.

Ironically, the problem was, 'you're holding it wrong'.
#3 nickdalzell, May 11, 2014
I would say either you're holding it upside down with the home key button to the left, not the right. Although having said this, it makes no difference using Google camera.

Either that, or move to Australia!
#4 Hawker, May 12, 2014
Its about time the manufacturers sorted that out as not everyone is right handed.

Surely a case of a small patch to the camera portion of the OS would make it possible to use any way up.
#5 anoniemouse, May 12, 2014
I think Samsung expected us to use it like a digital camera, so landscape makes sense in that way, but the way the lens is oriented on the back, it almost makes you prefer portrait mode.
#6 nickdalzell, May 12, 2014
So you're left handed, big deal! Take the picture and when it's in the gallery, open it up and tap the menu button and get settings and rotate the picture 90 degrees. All should be fine after that..... no problem except for the rotation step which isn't that hard to do! Use the camera as you're comfortable and deal with the rotation! FTW!
#7 bobolinko, May 13, 2014
I am having this exact same problem! The menus and words are backwards, the photos are upside down in the gallery and I have to rotate them right side up manually each time. Videos are upside down and impossible. Believe me, it's not a matter of holding the phone the incorrect way! I've tried restart, power off, upgraded software, recalibrated, check and uncheck screen rotation, you name if I've tried it! All except factory reset because I'm scared of that lol. Did you ever find a solution??:thinking:
#8 agparham, Jun 2, 2014
Ok so I was having the same issue on my S5. The camera was completely upside down and the screen rotation wasn't working at all. I was reading posts and did everything (besides to a reset) I could do on my phone. Ones persons answer was that he physically hit his phone and it started working again. So considering it was worth a shot I held the top of the phone with my left hand and gave it a little smack on its arse and it seriously worked. So before you go reseting or sending it out for repair, give it a little spanking and it'll do the trick.
#9 MattMBZ, Sep 17, 2014
I'm having the same problem. My camera icons are upside down and after I take the picture it's upside down in the gallery. The screen rotation is backwards as well. How do I fix it?
#10 liz108, Sep 26, 2014
Hey Kendra,

Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? I'm having the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy s4 mini.
I start the camera app and immediately the controls go upside down, I end up chasing the screen rotation trying to make it return rightide up. I saw a couple other posts about left handed versus right handed, but I think they misunderstood your issue.
I've did a complete factory reset and that did not solve the issue. I started the phone in safe mode shutting the phone off then restating it, holding down the power button until the "Samsung" appears on screen, then release the power button and hold down the volume lower control until the phone shows "safe mode" in the lower left corner of the screen. Same crap ... camera is still upside down.
I've even installed different camera apps and nothing helped.
Sucks. Lol
#11 rugby1v, Oct 24, 2014
Hi guys,

encountered this issue myself recently, samsung galaxy s5, all buttons inverted in the camera, camera inverted, you'd have to flip the phone to take a picture and any picture was inverted.

anyway the solution was annoyingly simple, I must've been using the camera upside down with the auto rotate function on, pulled it off, and locked the camera upside down. heading to the auto rotate option under settings, re-enabling it and enabling that smart-rotate thing, seems to have done the trick. the camera's back the way it should be.

just posting this in the hopes that it helps some poor soul who does the same stupid thing I did. hope this helps.
#12 oneoffthrowaway, Oct 25, 2014
#13 chucksings1, Dec 25, 2014
Just remove battery for 10 minutes.
#14 chucksings1, Dec 25, 2014
Matt, it worked. Remembered I had dropped my phone the day before it went silly so I soft droped it and viola, it worked. Thanks for suggesting 'spanking the phone'!
#15 LVMurphy, Jan 11, 2015
Sooo simple, I almost went to the Sprint store. I don't recall dropping my phone; however, this worked. Just last night, l my screen rotation wasn't working and today-my pictures were upside down on my screen. Thank you so much!:)
#16 MsSURN, Feb 6, 2015
I have beat my phone, turned rotation on and off, taken out the battery for more than ten minutes... still nothing. The camera takes photos backwards and it is backwards itself. It is like I am viewing the screen from the inside.

Look at the writing, the camera, the settings. They are all backwards. FRUSTRATING.
#17 jesterscrew, Mar 25, 2015
Ive had this same exact problem with my phone i think I found a fix people....I actually...

1. downloaded another camera app...
2.opened it...and it came up normal..
3. then i took a picture to make sure it wasnt a fluke
4. I went back to my stock camera and it worked perfect!

God bless people hope it works for u as it has for me and my note 4.
#18 ChristTheSon, May 19, 2015
I just got off the phone with Samsung support. I have the Note 3 and was having the same issues. This is the procedure they had me take:
1. Turn off your phone.
2. Press the power button and when the phone vibrates let it go and press the volume down button.
3. This should turn the phone on in "Safe Mode" (look to the bottom left and you should see the words Safe Mode)
4. Go to Camera and take a picture. It should be right side up
5. Restart phone and go to camera the problem should be now fixed.

Hope this works for everyone it did for my issue.
#19 Lady Drea, Jun 6, 2015
Registered to say thank you...this worked on my Note 4.

This is a solution!!!
#20 J4ded, Jun 11, 2015
I was having the same problem with my Note 3. Went to "reset all" in the camera app, and tapped okay. Presto! Problem resolved.
#21 r12rtpilot, Jun 30, 2015
this worked for my samsug galaxy s5 - thank you Lady Drea
#22 wsmith1213, Oct 13, 2015
This worked for me. Thank you
#23 Luther McKenzie, Oct 28, 2015
I just gave the screen a little tap and the camera icon flipped right side up.
#24 Luther McKenzie, Oct 28, 2015

I just did this and it worked. Thanks!
#25 Lday, Dec 31, 2015