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So, I got the one, love it. Receive an email with a picture attached. Go to save the picture, but there's no way to save it. Long press, no menu button.

Anybody figure out a way to save a picture on the HTC One?


#1 illa_kotilla, Apr 23, 2013
I just went into the email, found an email that had a pic attached, clicked on the attachment and after downloading it appeared in my "Downloads" section of my Picture Gallery.

Here's what screen came up after I clicked the image attached to the email.

#2 Samcanadian, Apr 23, 2013
When you save an attachment from a text message where does it save it? Gallery, No Downloads No, so where?
#3 Fredtp, Apr 26, 2013
Mine goes into the Gallery under My Photos and then All Downloads.
#4 sikclown, Apr 26, 2013
hello everyone, I have a HTC One and when someone sends me a picture through text message I cannot save the picture to the picture gallery?

When I hard press the picture and hit save it saves the picture/attachement but my question is where is the picture/attachment being saved to? It does not show up in my picture gallery.

Any help
#5 nomunk, May 8, 2013
Go to Gallery then My Photos then make sure you are in Album not Events and then click on All Downloads.
#6 sikclown, May 8, 2013

thanks a bunch man really appreciated
#7 nomunk, May 8, 2013
Can anyone guess what's wrong with my setup?

I downloaded an image from photobucket to my phone, where I get the same message as posted above "Attachment saved to downloads folder." The problem now is that I can't find the photo. Like everyone has posted, I go to the Gallery icon and get the separate sections of galleries listed (My Photos - Friends - Etc). When I click on My Photos, I'm taken to the Albums page, but there are only four clickable icons there - Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. Nowhere am I finding an "All Downloads" icon or even a thumbnail of the image I downloaded. At best, when I click on the camera icon an am going to take a picture, I can see my download in the lower right corner as an icon, but when I click on it I'm taken back to the album window with the four service icons again (Dropbox, Facebook, etc).

What am I doing wrong?

#8 IdeaOfEvil, May 10, 2013
OK go to Gallery then My Photos then in the upper right hand corner touch the Three Dots and then Show/Hide albums. Choose all the albums and go through them to find the ones you want.
#9 sikclown, May 10, 2013

Thanks for the quick reply. I should have mentioned in my first post that when I do that, the screen loads pure white with nothing listed except 'Cancel' and 'Save' buttons at the bottom.

If it'd help, I can take pictures of it and upload for you to see.

#10 IdeaOfEvil, May 10, 2013
OK something bigger is going on then. There should be a list there with a bunch of different choices. First thing I would try is simulate a battery pull by holding down the power button and it will eventually start counting down from 3. Once the screen goes off hold down the power button for a second or two until the screen comes on. If that doesn't fix it I would back up most of your info and factory reset.
#11 sikclown, May 10, 2013
There's something really dumb going on with this phone.

So, I go to Photobucket (whether through the app I downloaded or through the web browser directly) and download an image. I'm asked whether I want to use it as my desktop or just save it. I save it, and go to gallery. It doesn't show up anywhere in any menu. When I hook up the usb to my computer, I see the photo is placed in the HTCOne/InternalStorage/DCIM/Camera folder as opposed to the HTCOne/InternalStorage/Camera folder where everything else gets placed (like photo's I take with the camera that aren't downloaded).

The show/hide menu items finally appeared after I transferred my older camera photo's and placed them in the HTCOne/InternalStorage/Camera section. Now I'm able to click off Facebook and Flickr and choose All Photos, but I still don't see a "Download Folder" section to click on.

What the hell =(

Thanks for the help so far though
#12 IdeaOfEvil, May 10, 2013
Sounds like multitasking issues if you see a white screen. How much memory is left on your phone?

Make sure fastboot is not ticked

Are you rooted?

Did you soft reset the device?
#13 marctronixx, May 10, 2013
I just purchased this phone yesterday and am playing around with it today for the first time. Fastboot isn't clicked on and I'm not sure what "rooting" refers to when you're asking me.

For whatever reason, I guess it's just when I try downloading an image from Photobucket that's lousing me up. I went to the browser and just downloaded some random image and it showed up fine. But back to my original problem, my phone wasn't showing folder options at first because there were no photo's in those folders. So, I couldn't select the folder for camera shots at first because I had no photo's in it. Weird...

Anywho, thanks for the help. A shame photobucket isn't synched with the phone in any good way as that's my preferred image hosting site.
#14 IdeaOfEvil, May 10, 2013
That's why we ask questions even if they are stupid questions. I don't know your experience level with android or this phone, so I ask questions to keep us from chasing our tail.

As for the folder issue, there won't be any folders made until photos are taken. Same with screenshots. Once you make your first screenshot then that folder will appear.
#15 marctronixx, May 10, 2013
Slightly off subject, but can anyone tell me if there is widget available for the gallery ie like the OneX.
#16 Blackfryar, May 11, 2013
When I Take a picture from a video where do I go to find it?

A message pops up telling me that the "image has been saved to the gallery". But I can't find it.

I found them.

They get saved to the folder that the video was in. If you don't have that one showing in your gallery ("all videos" isn't enough) then you won't see them.
#17 Minnis, May 11, 2013
I cant figure where images are stored either. If I press on a picture and save image comes up I cant find the image afterwards. I believe I have been thru all the folders and gallerys. Im missing 3 pictures, its puzzling.
#18 rottonj, May 22, 2013
Where did the images originate from? This is the key to locating what folder they're in..
#19 marctronixx, May 22, 2013
Ok, I did not read all the replies here but I had the same problem. I received a picture via email. I saved the attachment but could not see it in the gallery. Via Astro file I did find the picture. So guessing I renamed it and now it shows up in the gallery app. All I did was to remove the - from the name. I'm guessing that the HTC One is critical on the file names. I hope this helps :)
#20 moldman, May 22, 2013
internet web site using Opera mini browser. Is that what you meant?
#21 rottonj, May 22, 2013
Yes. That helps.

That browser may have its own folder, or it could be in the downloads folder.

Go back to the site and save the file again. It should tell you where it's saved
#22 marctronixx, May 22, 2013
So, every time I upload to Instagram, or edit a photo with one of the apps I've downloaded, it creates a new album in my camera roll. So I go to my gallery, tap my photos. From there I can choose Albums or events. Either one I choose, there's an album for Instagram, Photoshop Touch, etc. is there a way to change the save path? I'd like to have the photos be saved to one central location. I know I can merge albums, but I'd rather find a way to have saved photos from apps go straight to one location. Can't find anything that does that in the phone's settings or any of the apps settings.

Any suggestions?
#23 ChrisPdx, Jun 6, 2013
Out of all the apps I've used, only picsay pro allows me to set the folder prior to saving. I use snapseed and IG mostly and they don't prompt any options to change the storage. I just go in select them all and move them
#24 JimKnuckles, Jun 7, 2013
:smokingsomb:Wanted to forward cartoon from text received.
Pressed finger on option came up.
Tells me it's saved but doesn't tell me where?
Where is it saved? I can't find it in gallery. Help me:smokingsomb:
#25 Hmmmmmm, Sep 12, 2013