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Support Screen replacement cost htc one m8??

Could anyone please be kind enough to tell me if you'd had any experience with replacing a cracked screen on your HTC one m8 in the UK. I have been quoted


#1 Beddy87, Jul 9, 2014
I've already had the joys of dealing with a cracked screen. I went direct to HTC as was hoping it may have been covered under warranty but no such luck. It cost me
#2 gallagher79, Jul 9, 2014
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Was that price including them sending it back to you? Also, how bad were the cracks on your screen and the fix the camera free of charge for you?
#3 Beddy87, Jul 9, 2014
No worries. That was the total cost that i paid for sending it off and getting repaired and sent back. I've still got the breakdown of the costs somewhere. They repaired the camera free of charge as was there balls up and said they did it on a priority repair but still took just over a week to get it back.

I must warn you there customer service is awful. If anything goes wrong you will never get to speak to a senior member of staff and don't expect any call backs even if they promise one within 24hrs.
#4 gallagher79, Jul 9, 2014
Okay well that is considerably cheaper than the quote I got at the shop I went to earlier today. So I will probably opt for htc to fix it hopefully do around the 93 pounds mark. Thanks for the help
#5 Beddy87, Jul 9, 2014

I am in a similar boat having cracked my one m8 screen last night (shallow pockets are the enemy of this phone!).

How much did yours end up costing in the end? The
#6 spadget5, Nov 8, 2014
Hello spadget5. Welcome to AF. Sorry to hear about your screen breaking. Just a heads up, the cost of repairs may have gone up since July. I hope you have some luck in getting a reasonable repair. Thanks for joining the AF community. I hope you enjoy your time here.
#7 olbriar, Nov 9, 2014