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Support SD Card Randomly Unmounts

Hey Guys,

did a quick search but didn't really come upon anything.

Has anyone else had their SD card just randomly unmount? The first time I thought it must have been random but it happened again to me today. I was just changing screens and I came to my photo album widget and then the little triangle with the exclamation point popped up and said I should unmount my SD card before I remove it.

So i popped off my case and then the back cover to see that my SD card was firmly inside the phone. I took it out and put it back in and my phone reboot itself.

Anyone else getting this random issue?


#1 Boondockkev, May 13, 2010
well, im using the same card from my eris (8gb), on the eris it died and deleted all my data!!
7 gb worth!
so something is wrong with the card obviously...
but it does randomly unmount (not reboot) and its the cause of my random force closes as some apps have data on it that they cannot access.
its not often so it`ll do for a few weeks when i can settle down and buy another good 8-16gb card.
#2 aleis, May 13, 2010
I pulled the 16GB sd card from my Storm2 and put it in my Inc. I pulled the 8GB card out of my old Storm1 and put that in my S2 and the 2GB card is sitting on my desk at home.

I hope my data doesn't get deleted. Just have to make sure I keep up with my backups.
#3 Boondockkev, May 13, 2010
I literally just had this happen....I wanted to view a few photos and the photos wouldn't show and it gave me a warning about my sd card being unmounted.

I powered off the phone and turned it back on after a few minutes and everything is cool.

Hope this doesn't become a regular occurrance!
#4 pikappetapi022, May 13, 2010
I've had the same thing happen twice. A simple reboot fixed the issue, but it's definitely a concern to me.
#5 Topshelf, May 13, 2010
same here...sometimes i just plug it back into my PC and then unplug it and it remounts it. is there a way to do this without having to actually plug into the PC?
#6 stanfna, May 13, 2010
My phone wasn't able to detect my SD card last night for some reason (even though it did earlier in the day and I didn't take it out the entire day). Had to open the back cover, pull the card out (got a warning saying the card was unexpectedly pulled - which is weird considering the phone wasn't even recognizing it to begin with), and put it back in and it worked again.
#7 woop, May 13, 2010
Same thing happening here. Also, when I reboot, i have to reset some of my widgets ..
#8 danmosatl, May 13, 2010
had it happen 1 time, just took the cover off and ejected and put it back in and it was fixed
#9 howarmat, May 13, 2010
This is happening to me as well, no warnings, just no sdcard data. I haven't caught it in the act of dismounting and have received no warnings/alerts. I've been rebooting the phone but the idea of plugging and unplugging it on the PC is useful. This really bites because it caused a SpriteBackup scheduled backup to fail last night and left the power on the buttons and screen for hours.
#10 Bob Denny, Jun 23, 2010
Yeah, I'm still dealing with this happening occasionally as well. Last night I tried downloading a file from my Dropbox account but was getting a login error message which didn't make sense since I could get to the file. Turned out the SD card was "missing" again. Rebooted and all was fine. Annoying, but I'm dealing with it. I love this phone, but there's no doubt that HTC/Android needs some bugs worked out. I have about 4 issues which are really frustrating. Anyway, still looking for an app that would remount the SD card.
#11 Topshelf, Jun 23, 2010
happens to me every now and then. using a 16gb sandisk card, not the stock. was also happening with the stock, though. i haven't had any deletion or access issues, so i'm hoping it's just a bug.
#12 thirtyfour41, Jun 23, 2010
I figured out the problem by realizing that the sd card began unmounting right after I installed netflix app on my HTC DROID Incredible. As soon as I uninstalled it, I plugged in the phone to the pc and windows 7 asked if I want to open the sd card folder or scan it, I chose to scan it and about an hour later I was able to access the contents of the card on my pc. I backed it up, unplugged the phone from the pc and Astro began showing the contents of the card right away. So, anytime you have something like this happening, be sure to ask yourself what was the last thing you installed on your phone. The Android version of Netflix is very unstable as of May 17 2011.
#13 innomind, May 17, 2011
innomind: I dont think thats it. A lot of people are having the same problem, myself included, and I've never installed Netflix. Nor have I installed anything recently, the SD card has just started unmounting randomnly. I'll go to use something on the SD card and it says it can't be found / is uninstalled. Taken it apart a number of times, re-inserted etc, so annoying!

This appears to be a common issue amongst people here, surely not every SD card is this faulty? I'm suspecting an Android problem..
#14 Asica, Jul 24, 2011
I was wondering if anyone was still having this problem. I just bought my HTC G2 and ever since I turned it on it would not recognize the 8gb mini sd that it came with. So far I've just been taking out the card and putting it back in and sometimes it works, but it's really annoying. It is especially annoying once it is finally being recognized and out of no where it randomly unmounts itself. I have tried with another mini sd and it wasn't recognizing it either.

Should I chalk this up as a hardware issue? Or am I missing something here?
#15 gingerale, Oct 4, 2011
Mine just started doing it too. I have had a 16 gb sandisk since the very beginning and now it won't see it and won't run programs that are in the sd card.
#16 droidslave, Oct 6, 2011
Hello everyone, please forgive me if I'm doing this wrong. I'm trying to find anymore options for fixing this issue. My sd card unmounted about 2 weeks ago, EVERYTHING is gone!!! Pics, vids, apps, ringtones, etc. I've tried the suggestions posted on here, nothing! Is there anything else to try? If not, will buying a new sd card then mounting it work? (And would I have to format it before mounting it?) I think I may have.formatted this one bc when I try to mount it, the same reply happens: "Blank SD Card!" HELP!!! And thanks!
#17 Crissa46, Dec 4, 2011
My Wildfire started unmounting SD card after i was travelling in EU and was using several different SIM cards. Now i am at home and using my old SIM again, but the problem continues. Even opening the cover, unmounting card and mounting again is not helping. It works as it wants and usually it doesnt.
#18 Luuydi, Apr 4, 2012
I had the same problem for monthes. I had gone through all the efforts to fix it.
finally I found a clue.
On the back cover(HTC incredible s ) , there are two pairs of pins which supposed to connected to
the terminals on the phone, which are not connected well. so I bent the springs
up a little bit and made connection well. (be very careful not break the springs).
then SD card show up right away. It's being working for days and no more
hope it helps.
#19 frankzhou, May 24, 2013