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General sd card reader to micro usb

I have everything I need to read my pictures from a trail cam sd card. When I connect it, the message says it is connected but I don't know where to find it. Like on a pc, you go to computer and boom it's there. I can't seem to locate it on my phone. Thanks for any help.


#1 hockeyhead29, Jul 14, 2014
You need to use a file browser/manager app like Root Browser to view the pics.
Open the file browser app and then go to "Storage/SD card/ " and the removable storage device will be listed there, a long with the internal SD card/external SD card.
Just click in the removable storage device and it will open it up...
#2 xdrc45, Jul 14, 2014
I'm slowly losing my religion. I downloaded the app, opened it, found sd as well as external sd, clicked the external one and nothing. I put the card back in my laptop and the pics are there. I am gonna drink a cup of coffee and try it again. Thank you for your quick response.
#3 hockeyhead29, Jul 14, 2014
Your welcome!
Use the file browser and look under this directory path -
/storage/SD card0/USB storage/
#4 xdrc45, Jul 14, 2014