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Seeking music manager app that does what I want


I have been on the search for a while for a music app that is non streaming, which allows me to manage the files on my google nexus phone, - I upload the music to my phone from my computer, and while listening to the tracks there are many which I want to delete instantly entirely off my phone to free up space, with as little faf as possible. I did install a file manager for this task, but there was too much stress having to switch between apps to delete the files I didnt want, it was not worth the time.

Google play music does not let me do this, to my knowledge, and many others which I have looked into. Surely somewhere there must be an app that does what I wish for?!?!


#1 Stephen Watts, Oct 11, 2017
MX Player is a very popular media player that has the ability to play a really wide range of different media file types. In its integral file manager you can long press on a file and then tap on a garbage can icon that shows up in the bottom edge of the window to delete it.
(Note the free version is pretty heavy with ads so there is that issue. For me it was worth paying for the pay-for, no ad version.)
#2 svim, Oct 11, 2017