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Sell s9+ for P20pro

As said above.

I've not really been loving my s9+ that much, I did have a pixel 2 XL which was a great phone but I couldn't cope with the buzzing speakers anymore.

Should I just hold on for the pixel 3 XL later this year?


#1 richevans654, May 16, 2018
It's an expensive hobby changing phones 3 times a year ;).

Ask what it is about the P20 Pro that appeals. Then do the research to find out how those aspects stack up in reality (look at the data and form your own conclusions, rather than just reading what the reviewer wrote). For example, they make a lot of fuss about the camera, but what matters is what the results look like to you (real world shots only) rather than what any reviewer says about them. When you've done that you'll be in a better position to judge.

The other question is, what is it about the S9+ that you don't like, and is the P20 Plus likely to improve on those things? And does it have downsides of its own (almost all devices do somewhere), and are they important to you?

It's simply too early to say much about the Pixel 3XL yet. OK, we can make a few safe predictions (it will launch with a Snadragon 845 SoC and Android 9 - it takes no inside knowledge whatsoever to predict that), and it will come in the Autumn. I expect it will have a much longer software support life than the Huawei, but do you keep your phones long enough for that to matter to you? Other than that I don't honestly know what it will be like, and don't really believe anyone who says they do.
#2 Hadron, May 16, 2018
Good reply.

It's given me a lot to think about. Thing is dislike about the s9+ is mainly the fact is a Samsung....I've always seen them as an Android phone for people who don't know what android is.

I'm quite fond of 'niche' phones. Which the s9+ really isn't. Although I've not seen another one yet...

It's not really the camera on the p20p that interests me tbh. But I can upgrade next year for free. Refresh tariff.
#3 richevans654, May 16, 2018