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General Send call directly to voice mail

I think it's the block option now. I have numbers I set to block from ringing my device, but they are still able to leave voice messages. Which ticks me off to no end, by the way. If I blocked a number, why the heck would I care to hear their voice message? Ugh.
#2 badankles, Apr 17, 2013
Might not be what you want to hear, but there is another way to block them and stop from going to VMasil

#3 DonB, Apr 17, 2013
While their contact is open click the menu key and the bottom one is "Add to reject list"
#4 whitecollar, Apr 17, 2013
Add to reject list is what I was looking for.
Be careful using this if you have two different contacts with the same phone number, because it will block the number on the other caller too, but not all the other numbers that contact may have. You can't unblock specific numbers for each contact


Contact A

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3

Contact B

Number 4
Number 1
Number 5

So if you block contact A, then the Number 1 in contact B will be blocked as well, but not numbers 4 and 5. Then when you to go unblock contact B, you can't, you will only succeed in blocking all of contact B's numbers. If you then unblock Contact B, it will also unblock Contact A's number 1, but leave 2 and 3 still blocked.
So the only way to clear out that situation is to make sure both contacts do not have any duplicate numbers.
It took me about fifteen minutes of blocking and unblocking to figure out how to fix the mess I had gotten myself into.
#5 nsa_sailor, Apr 17, 2013