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Sendings Texts over Wifi


So I just got my first Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, and I love it so far! My only problem is not one with the phone, but rather my living locaiton and causing reception issues. I do not get reception in my apartment and I was hoping there is some way to send text messages over my wifi signal without using some texting app that other people have to have. I was able to do this on my old iPhone 4 and I was hoping I could do this on my Galaxy S3. I have AT&T if that has any impact...

Any help or suggestions would be great!




#1 JR233270, Jul 7, 2012
I know you can do it with Google voice.

Another option might be to try DeskSMS. I know with that you can send and receive texts from your computer, I'm just not sure if it works on your phone over wifi
#2 chrlswltrs, Jul 7, 2012
get a free googlevoice number and use it to txt via wifi.

what I do on my tablet.
#3 350X, Jul 7, 2012
google voice all the way. if you want to use your mobile number, there's no way to do it through wifi, period. the technology just plain old doesn't support it. there are tons of free apps that will let you get a different number and send wifi texts, though.
#4 jonjonjonjonjo, Jul 7, 2012
Thanks for all the replies, guys (and gals?). I'll download google voice and hopefully that will take care of my issue.
#5 JR233270, Jul 7, 2012

I would just use hangouts PPL..... free native awesome app.... also you can do free calling and basically skype with it....
#6 Seth K, Feb 8, 2015
Hangouts texting probably wasn't available back in 2012;)

/closing this outdated thread
#7 Mikestony, Feb 8, 2015