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Support {Setting Your Own Ringtone} For Text Messages

create "alarms", "notifications", and "ringtones" folders inside the "music" folder.
make sure they're in mp3 format.
#2 alexnick@mac.com, Oct 22, 2008
And I asume I have to connect it to a pc to do that. Right?
#3 gtd3, Oct 22, 2008
Go into messaging and then select menu.. there should be a setting s option and there u can change ur ringtone.

The same goes for any other notification except for IM, it looks like..
#4 Huey Freeman, Oct 22, 2008
This Will work on a PC or Mac.
Super simple guys, this was actually solution i was looking for:

Simply Plug in your G1
open the Music folder that is already created
add these 3 folders in there:

Drop the Mp3's in here and they will be available to you when changing up your sounds notification preferences.:D
#5 Jake, Oct 22, 2008
that sounds more like it. as soon as i try it i will post the outcome here. Thanx
#6 gtd3, Oct 22, 2008
Never Mind . didnt work
#7 gtd3, Oct 23, 2008
Ya it didn't work. I put the seperate folders in the music folders and everythingis in music when viewing songs. Is it suppose to be like that?
#8 honugirl, Oct 23, 2008
Download the rings exended app, then you can select any mp3 file for ringtones or message alerts.
#9 The Kartman, Oct 23, 2008
I know the OP was about message notifications, but in case anyone missed it, you can select any song as a ring tone by playing it in the player and hitting the menu button and "set as ringtone".

The rings extended works well and allows you to select an mp3 as ringtones or alerts right from the settings menu.
#10 turbo2ltr, Oct 24, 2008
Thats strange
I did not do anythig special other than the instructions I gave, and I have custom sounds for my email, text and ringer... Sorry it didn't work :thinking:
#11 Jake, Oct 24, 2008
FYI, they don't have to be .mp3, .wav works fine too. .aif doesn't though.
#12 sleebus.jones, Nov 9, 2008
Even though its an old thread I figured I'd answer for whoever searches for this...

To set the text message tone you put the music file into the "notifications" folder;)

#13 JuggaloZyle, Apr 19, 2009
if you download "ringo" you can set individual SMS tones for individual people.
#14 punkzanyj, Apr 20, 2009
you don't make the new folders in the music folder. You create a folder called media, then audio, then notifications. put you stuff there and it will show up in the list for message notifications. you can make a separate folder for alarms and ringtones here if you like, however my particular focus was notifications.

plug your G1 into your computer. create on your SD card media >> audio >> notifications

put your custom ringtones for your G1 here. there are different ways to access notifications. for text messages, go to the home menu, flip up the apps menu, select messages, click the menu button, scroll down to the notifications section, click ringtones, select the ringtone you've put into the notifications folder you created above.

seriously? this is how you have to do it? yes, this how you have to do and it only took me 5 hours to figure it out. really? stupid.
#15 fikester1, Dec 27, 2009
This worked great for me. I used Linda File Manager and did it. Thanks so much. :D
#16 brinal1, Jan 6, 2010
how to use this? :thinking:
#17 kaykream, Jul 12, 2010
I was getting so frustrated trying to get my favorite (R2D2 Scream) ringtone to work with SMS notifications. One extra folder on the SDcard is worth it!
#18 notag1, Jul 27, 2010
EASY WAY ALERT-You just go and download "Rings Extended" then go to your messages press menu and press settings then it will give you options press Rings Extended then it will give u more options and then pic Music then just pick the song you what as your message notification.THIS IS WAY EASIER THAN THE GO ON COMPUTER BS.
#19 Ettson, Dec 27, 2010
Thiss worked just finee when i downloaded it. This is much faster & easier as well. :)
#20 -Deszibabyy, Mar 26, 2011
Doesn't seem to work on HTC Sensation.
#21 crebo143, May 23, 2011
At First i made Just A Notifications Folder But It Disappeared And Then I Tried Again And It Worked Beautifully Thanks For The Tip!
#22 quan_dro319, Jun 15, 2011
this program works like a charm ty so much
#23 hawaiianfro, Dec 4, 2011
Simply connect your device to a computer, it will askdo u want to open folder to view files. Click yes. After you can see all the files that are on your device, scroll until you find a folder titled "My Document". This is the folder. Your computer wont let you open this folder so don't attempt. Now find the mp3 or wav file you want to use for a text ringtone and right click and press copy. then right click on the my documents folder on your phone and press paste. Detach phone and go to text messages and press menu then settings then down to select ringtone. you should now see your file.

thank me later!!!

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#24 Javee123, Dec 5, 2011
THANK YOU!!!!! for showing me something that works
#25 blackcrystalc, Jan 25, 2012