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Share android calendar

Is there a way to share my android calendar with my wife so she can see all my appointments, not just the ones in my google calendar? My android calendar is a combination of my google calendar and my corporate sync. My wife has an android phone as well, and uses google calendar.


#1 Mastiff37, May 29, 2011
My family uses Cozi and it's a great app. It is free in the market and each person signs in using their own email but there is a shared password. It will give you the option to send a reminder to all or some of the people with access to it. It also has a journal for notes, a shopping list maker so anyone can add to it and have it when they need it. My family uses it every day. Worth a try.
#2 kat89447, May 30, 2011
I share mine with my wife. You can turn on sharing of google calendars in google caledar settings online. :) Hope this helps! If not, I'll give you a refund! :p

nm you said android calendar. On my phone they are one and the same. Sorry. :p
#3 Steven58, May 30, 2011
Yeah, my android calendar is a composite of my google calendar and my work calendar. I have my google calendar shared, but that's not half of my appointments.
#4 Mastiff37, May 30, 2011