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Should I change from IOS to Android?

Recently, I've been thinking about getting a new phone. I'm currently using an iPhone 5, which has become outdated now. So I've been thinking if I should get an Android or the iPhone 6s. I'd love to try Android for a while, I've had the iPhone 5 for 4 years now.
So, what I'm asking is that should I move from iOS to Android and if yes, then which brand, which phone? I'm not the sharpest pencil at this. I created an account on this forum extra for this post, I'm talking about a phone that I will have to stick with for the next few years.
Thank you!


#1 Autumn Is Cool, Aug 12, 2017
As to whether you should switch from iOS to Android, my first thought is that if you have to ask you probably shouldn't.

If you do decide to change you have to decide what you want. With Apple, that's not a problem. It's like Henry Ford saying, "You can have any color Ford you want as long as it's black."

Consider what your priorities are. For games you might want a really large screen. For cameras, you have a lot of options and most are different. Some are dual lens, some are larger pixel, some have OIS. If you have trouble keeping your phone out of water then waterproofing is a biggie. You also have a wide range for price.

And, fortunately, you have a wide range of material to read to learn about Android as an OS and about the phones that run Android.

Lastly, take a look at YouTube. I doubt you could consider a phone that doesn't have a hands-on review on YouTube. They have a lot of comparisons between phones and between iOS and Android.

So, enjoy. Oh, and if you decide to go with Android, prepare yourself for an overwhelming number of options for apps.
#2 Patrick Kelly, Aug 12, 2017
I use a iPhone for work and I have an Android for personal use.
I hate the iPhone, it's very minimalist compared to Android. There's pretty much nothing you can't do on Android.
I can't recommend a phone but don't buy anything below $200
#3 Dannydet, Aug 12, 2017

#4 david nist, Aug 12, 2017
Also have a think about the features you like on your iPhone. Before you switch, check that you'll be able to do these things on a new Android phone.
#5 LV426, Aug 13, 2017
How tied to Apple are you? You are going to have to start from scratch with all of your apps again (paid and free). My nephew recently moved from Android to iPhone (he's 13 so...) and all I can say is that Android is so much better :D
#6 Clementine_3, Aug 13, 2017
I strongly suggest to buy and spend a money for a Nexus brand. Not Nexus 5X for bootloop issue, N6P is ok or Pixel. Reason !? Is updated constantly and overall good hardware.
#7 rusumen, Aug 13, 2017
There is debate from very long time about which is is best but I think you will love switching to Android. It has more customization features and you can give it look the way want. Also, there are methods(custom roms) by which you can make your phone alive for longer time with latest software. I would suggest you to go with the Android Phone having Qualcomm Processor and decent amount of ram. Qualcomm processor phone have large community support. If you have budget you can go for Pixel or nexus.
#9 Kevin Watkins, Aug 14, 2017