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Show off your 360 with different bands and faces

The first images we saw of the 360 months ago sported the amazing looking metal band, but all the pictures and now hands on vids we're seeing up to today all show the leather band.

I hope they stick with the metal as an option. They have to right?? It just looked to damn good!


#1 ODog2323, Jun 25, 2014
I saw a screen shot that was briefly live on the 360 website that showed seven different bands you could choose from when you bought it. That band was one of them. Whether or not that comes to pass is anyone's guess. But I totally agree. That segmented metal band... if it doesn't come with that as an option, I'll be finding one on eBay or something that looks like that.
#2 Outatime, Jun 25, 2014
I don't know a whole lot about watches. Are the band's usually pretty universal like that?

If so, I won't worry about it so much...
#3 ODog2323, Jun 26, 2014
I'm guessing multiple bands, as well, with the price of the 360 dependent on the band you select. It seems like some of the preview units have had a band made of rubber, as well as the leather and a metal band. Though I recall one reviewer stating the band is a standard watch band style, and will be replaceable if you find a watch band you like better.
#4 mogelijk, Jun 26, 2014
I just posted on another thread that when I bought my Pebble watch I went out and bought a metal band to try and class it up a bit. I quickly found out that the metal band made a lot of noise with the vibration of each notification. It was no longer "silent" and the whole room could hear it. So I quickly got rid of it. I ended up with a rubber link band that was 22mm. I had to cut it a little to fit perfect but it looks much better than the silicone bands. I do not know how easy it will be to replace the Moto 360 band though because it seems to connect in a weird spot. I could be wrong though.
#5 superflybribri, Jun 29, 2014
I ordered the silver one. I think a stainless steel mesh band would look nice.

Something like this...
#6 Pertinax, Sep 8, 2014
Ran across this article today:

Here's the deal on the steel bands for the new Moto 360 | Android Central

Maybe it's a good thing the leather band version went out of stock right away. To buy the Motorola premium band later would have cost $79. The leather straps will only be $29.

So, to have both a leather band and metal band, it'll cost $329 total (regardless of which way you go).

I'll have to measure my spare watches, to see if they are 22mm. What concerns me is their mention of it might not "looking right" if it's not the Motorola version. We'll see. I've seen other smartwatch straps swapped that made the watches look better. I might just go ahead and swap my Mom's straps on the G Watch I got her, just to see.
#7 drexappeal, Sep 8, 2014
I purchased the silver 360 and really did not like the band that came with it. I went to Best Buy and purchased the black metal Pebble band and visited a jewelry store to have it put on. The reason for a black band and the silver 360 is I like the contrast. The band cost $20 and comes in silver and black.

#8 halon, Sep 9, 2014
That looks really sharp!
#9 Clementine_3, Sep 9, 2014
By swapping bands and downloading different watch faces you basically have a hundred different watches to wear.
#10 halon, Sep 9, 2014
Very nice!
#11 Pertinax, Sep 9, 2014
Nice. I was hoping to see someone post pics with a different metal band. That looks pretty good. Looking forward to seeing some other folks post up new bands as well.
#12 drexappeal, Sep 9, 2014
Without any sort of modifications?
#13 AlisonLee, Sep 10, 2014

All you need is 22mm watch band.
#14 halon, Sep 10, 2014
I pre-purchased one of these, for those that want to DIY (rather than pay a jewler to switch bands). Handy kit to have around (and only a dollar or so more than a watch band removal tool):

Only thing that sucks about the kit is that it doesn't come with a container, but one could easily recycle some "take out" plastic container or any similar type throw away container that'll house all the parts easily.

Now, if only Best Buy could get re-stocked quicker than the 19th that's anticipated.
#15 drexappeal, Sep 10, 2014
Also, make sure you have a some sort of colth to set the watch on to avoid possible scratching.
#16 halon, Sep 10, 2014
Now if I could only get a new set of eyes so I could see that tiny little screws.... :)
#17 john30308, Sep 10, 2014
They have the magnifying glasses that folks use to build models.
#18 drexappeal, Sep 11, 2014
FYI lady's and gents:

It seems that even if the watch band you have is 22mm it might be to big? If it does not easily fit into the opening forcing could damage the strap and if you go all Hulk on it you may even damage the watch.
#19 halon, Sep 11, 2014
I'll honest, when and if I get mine I'll be too chicken poop to mess with the band. At least initially. I really do like the look of the all black metal band.
#20 atrain311, Sep 11, 2014
people are having luck with the 22mm pebble steel bands. they go for $20 on amazon. i just ordered one.
#21 sjpn, Sep 12, 2014
You can buy them at Best Buy also.
#22 halon, Sep 12, 2014
darn it, i could have been playing with it today instead of waiting for it to ship... :( oh well.
#23 sjpn, Sep 12, 2014
I had my eye on this:


But I can't figure out how to remove the stock strap. You guys need to do a step-by-step YouTube tutorial on this. I can't be the only one who would be eternally grateful :)
#24 The_Chief, Sep 14, 2014
There was one on YouTube specifically for the 360.
#25 Outatime, Sep 14, 2014