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General Sign into network notification.

I'm on ATT's Gophone plan.

Every time I connect to my Wi-Fi, I get a notification to sign into my att network. Ive seen those notis on previous phones but it usually stayed away.

It also pops up when I reboot. Clicking on it just opens up a browser page.

Any idea how to stop this?


#1 Fuzzy13, Nov 6, 2013
Are you connecting to YOUR router, or to an AT&T wifi signal? It sounds like it's an AT&T signal.
#2 Rukbat, Nov 6, 2013
I just set up a Nexus 5 with GoPhone though it's for a flip-phone plan. I turned off Cellular Data before I put the Micro-SIM in. Everything is working as it should. I can do voice calls and text messages on AT&T's network and everything else is WiFI.

I believe that I could turn on cellular data but it's expensive (they charge by the KB). This is basically going to be a WiFi phone.
#3 mmoy, Nov 6, 2013
No, it isn't notifying me about the Wi-Fi connection but my actual service connection. It just so happens to pop up when I connect to wifi.
#4 Fuzzy13, Nov 6, 2013
Is that the $35 plan?
#5 bob60626, Nov 6, 2013
Even though I have the $60 plan, the discount refill cards I get bring the price down a good bit. I have to buy a $50 and a $25 but the price of those equals what I would normally pay for my plan, $60. So I have $15 left over every month.

Might be worth the little extra to get data.
#6 Fuzzy13, Nov 6, 2013
I used to have this problem with T-Mobile on my Nexus 4 (regular post paid account). It was a rare occurrence, and never caused any real problems. I haven't seen it on my Nexus 5 yet.
#7 chadmd23, Nov 8, 2013
This plan costs $100/year. I refill once a year, it essentially provides 400 minutes which is more than family members use so it accumulates. The family members have from $250 to $350 credit on their phones.
#8 mmoy, Nov 9, 2013