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General SIM card in CDMA handset?

Am I the only one who noticed our handset not only has a slot for a micro SIM chop, but ACTUALLY has a micro SIM in the slot? None of my old handsets had one. Are the CDMA and GSM devices converging?


#1 ODGeek, Jun 20, 2014
I believe it's for LTE data.
#2 aguba, Jun 20, 2014
It is in fact for the 4g LTE.
#3 Tigatron, Jun 20, 2014
Yeah it's a UICC Card for the 4G lte and it can be found in the optimus f3 also
#4 Kasenomateru, Jun 22, 2014
Then does this mean that i can unlock this phone and use it in T-Mobile? ??
#5 carlosj_2009, Jun 29, 2014
That depends if its a gsm patch for your device. And if the ril support it
#6 BRAINZ2013, Jun 29, 2014
Or if it even has gsm radios
#7 DirtyDee, Jun 29, 2014
Well in that case is there any equivalence to this phone???. Because i really like it, but its only for virgin and boost mobile.
#8 carlosj_2009, Jun 29, 2014
lol plenty since its a snapdragon 400 its in the same class as moto g LTE, Sony xperia t2 , HTC desire 816 and many more each of those devices are its "competion" and I assume any other s400 devices with LTE
#9 DirtyDee, Jun 29, 2014
Sorry i meant the same phone but for tmobile or something like that...because yeah those are phones on the same range but they are more expensive and don't have Battery like that
#10 carlosj_2009, Jun 30, 2014
CDMA phones are always cheaper, the same phone is I think the f90 or l90 but don't have lte and I can tell you most of them probably would have better battery due to them being bigger.
#11 DirtyDee, Jun 30, 2014
The equivalent GSM version to the LG volt (which actually is the LG F90) is the LG L90 with T-Mobile. There are a couple caveats though. The biggest two points are that the LG L90 T-mobile variant only has a 5MP camera and a 2460 battery while the LG volt has an 8MP camera and a 3000 battery...
#12 akito6776, Oct 4, 2014
the ls740 seems to be only available as the volt on sprint and boost, it was not made available to any other providers or as a gsm phone. All LTE phones have a sim card, in cdma phones however it is not a full sim and is never removed.
#13 jeffmd, Oct 5, 2014