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SIM Toolkit

On my Desire , under Menu>settings>programs>administer programs there is a program called 'SIM Toolkit'.
Is it possible to use that program somewhere in the phone?



#1 benchmark, Jul 30, 2010
press the arrow button botom left of screen to bring up all programs on phone and its there
#2 Fatwaz, Jul 30, 2010
It's shown in the apps too, SIM Toolkit.
#3 UKseagull, Jul 30, 2010
I've got SIM Toolkit listed under all programs, but it's not what I thought it was going to be. Clicking on it brings up a list of things like horoscopes, music videos, chat etc. - T-Mobile services I assume as they're my service provider. I thought SIM Toolkit was going to be a set of tools to do things like backing up the SIM card, but it isn't. Based on what I've seen, you're really not missing much!
#4 fried, Jul 30, 2010
Thats strange, its not listed with my programs . Any way i can add it to the list so that it appears with the other programs?

My HTC desire is an unlocked phone, can it be because i am not bound to any subscriber?
#5 benchmark, Jul 30, 2010
I use an O2 sim card and my phone is sim free and unbranded, SIM Toolkit lists:-

Top Up Credit
Customer Srv
Traffic Line
UK Directory
Int'l Directory
Info Hotline
Bolt Ons
Get Settings (which doesn't work)
#6 UKseagull, Jul 30, 2010
It looks like its a carrier related function, maybe my carrier didnt activate it.
#7 benchmark, Jul 30, 2010
yep its your network things, had the same on non android phones too. Typically they are full of pay for media and games that work terribly with the desire, because the are meant for non-smartphones.
#8 lekky, Jul 30, 2010
SIM toolkit? for a VZW droid 2 can the sim toolkit be deleted?
#9 rickrabies, Jul 25, 2011
Doubt you could delete the SIM toolkit, it comes up on any type of phone you have, its part of SIM2. It's not really an app so can't see any point of deleting it.
If you use a different launcher you could hide it from the menu
#10 jeremy_inc, Jul 25, 2011
You can remove it if you're S-OFF/using a custom ROM. Just remove stk.apk from /system/app

I have no use for it and remove as soon as I can on my own ROMs
#11 EddyOS, Jul 26, 2011
I remove it from every rom I use too. Its size is tiny, but look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.
#12 SUroot, Jul 26, 2011