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Support simple.. How do I reboot my phone?

I know this is probably a dumb question but coming from Blackberry Storm with the simple Battery Pull , I want to know how to reboot the phone? Is pressing the off button and turning back on the same as actually removing the battery?

I just got my phone a month ago and it is now Force Closing apps at random, so when I click to open it says it force closes it. ALSO when I pull down the notification bar i used to be able to press a notification and it would go there, now it just closes the notification bar and nothing happens...


Any assistance would be most appreciated.


#1 MysPrada, Dec 29, 2010
It's certainly not a dumb question. You have 3 things you should try, in this order:

1. Reboot the phone (hold down the power button to turn it off, then turn it back on). If that fails...

2. Turn off the phone, remove the battery, count to 10, put it back in. If that fails...

3. Factory reset time. Backup important data first. If you have to, manually write down the apps you were using. Install them in batches to see which one(s) might be messing with your system.
#2 Medion, Dec 29, 2010
To restart your phone, just hold down the button on top until the options appear, then select power down. If you want to do a battery pull, remove the back cover and take the battery out for a few seconds, put it back in, then power it back on.

If that doesn't help with your issue, I would try moving a few of your apps to your SD card, and maybe uninstalling some of the apps that you seldom use. If that doesn't help, try clearing the data/cache of your HTC apps.
#3 medwa, Dec 29, 2010

So if I move my apps to my SD card is there any negative effects? Does it just mean if my phone breaks or something I will still have them?

Another question is what is rooting? I know it gives Administrative Access and I could remove dumb apps that came with the phone (Like City ID).. but I also read that it is not advisable cause the phone could crash... Is it only for the more experienced user?

- Thanks for the answers Medion AND Medwa both very helpful!!! =)

- Jhanna
#4 MysPrada, Dec 31, 2010
Moving to SD only moves a part of the app, but not the while thing, so apps would have to be reinstalled after a factory rest anyway.

Rooting in itself doesn't affect stability, it just gives you control over the things that do affect stability. Whenever a novice expresses interest in rooting, I always tell them to ask this question;

-"Is there anything I want my phone to do that it currently can not do to my liking?"

If yes, what? If there's anything on that list that requires root access, then rooting is a good idea. But if you don't want anything that requires root access, then no need to root :)
#5 Medion, Dec 31, 2010
Thanks! Ok I think I will stay Un Rooted for now. I can live with the unwanted apps. I am starting to love my phone even more!
#6 MysPrada, Dec 31, 2010