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Support Sleep Mode, When/how does it activate?

Hello Everyone ^^

I'm a proud new owner of a Droid Eris for about 2 months now, and being my 1st smart phone I'm still trying to figure it all out lol

I've recently stumbled over these forums, and especially liked the battery life sticky ^^

I was wondering if any1 could help me understand sleep mode and how when it activates, as I'm not 100% convinced when my phone screen is off its in sleep mode....

As far as the battery Sticy is concerned, I've been using handcent SMS for well over a month now, as well as disabled notifications in the original SMS program. Although the original program starts in the background when I get an SMS, which I noticed today when sending a test message to myself to make sure that handcent was defualt. It doesn't display a window or any other info.

I don't use bluetooth, so I leave that off, as well as GPS unless I"m using google maps or something. Wifi is also a situational thing as well. I leave the Google Sync and mobile data on almost all the time, as I luv these features of the phone.

I set disabled the auto backlight and set it to a Low comfortable level.

After playing with this, I noticed that the phone made to audible notification noises about 10-20 seconds after the phone shut off, but not always. Is this the phone entering sleep mode? Or is this an app, if it is I get nothing on any screen say it was when I immediately turn screen back on.

I use Automatic task killer to kill tasks as the phone goes to sleep excluding,

Advanced task Manager
Battery Left (Curvefish)
Defualt Clock(use this as my main Alarm clock lol)
Kaloer Clock*( very nice in the Dark early morning to have a bright readable alarm clock)
*only keeps the screen on and unlocked when the app is running in foreground, runs in background and screen locks/turns off when connected to charger

I use Advanced Task Manager to Kill tasks as need or when I shake the phone to trigger a kill all, excluding

Kaloer Clock
battery left
Automatic Task Kiler
Providers.hdcdma ( not sure was on list looked important)
Advanced task manager.

I've tried to provide as much info as I could about my handset, and apologize for the Never Ending Post. Thank you for taking the time to read it ^^


#1 moutaindewdope, Jan 9, 2010
Sleep mode starts the moment the screen goes dark - so long as you are not running an application which prevents sleeping. (The screen can be blanked, but applications can still prevent it from fully "sleeping", for instance listening to music.)

Convince yourself of it this way:

- Exit any apps you are using (with a task manager, or whatever) so the phone is in a "quiet" state.

Edit: Put Settings in your ATK exclusion list.

- Settings -> About phone -> Status and scroll all the way down

Locate the "Awake time" at the bottom of the screen and note that it is increasing.

When it rolls over to a full minute, hit the End button precisely at that moment, so that the screen sleeps - and remember the number of whole minutes the counter was at.

- Now wait 2 or 3 minutes.

- Wake the phone up and quickly unlock the screen - and quickly look at the "Active time" status.

If there was no activity, you'll notice that the active time is only a few seconds more than the elapsed active time when you blanked the screen - about the amount of time it took you to unlock the screen, and maybe a few seconds more than that.

Note there is nothing special about "sleep mode" that prevents applications from running. After all, it's the way the phone is designed - for instance be able to receive "push e-mail", or periodically retrieve "pull e-mail" while the phone is sleeping. Obviously, though, the goal is to try and save power, so the OS schedules processes for execution less frequently depending on their status (ForeG, BackG, etc), delivers interrupts less urgently, etc.

Also, applications can choose to receive notifications about power state - and change their behavior as a result of that, so the fact that you sometimes hear a noise 10-20 seconds after you have powered off the screen might just be an app responding to that state change.

If you do the same thing overnight (monitor the increase in active time), you'll see that the phone accumulates some number of minutes of active time. How much additional time it accrues depends on not only the apps you have installed/running, but also how much mail you are receiving, your app settings, etc.


#2 erisuser1, Jan 9, 2010

Thought i should add this: the default (Android & HTC) apps which come with the phone are all very well behaved when it comes to battery usage. There really is no reason to kill any of them when sleeping the phone.

That might not be true of apps which you DL'ed from the market, however.

#3 erisuser1, Jan 9, 2010
I have a question. I've had my Eris for a few months now and just figured out that if I download Spare Parts from the market I can change having the end button make the phone sleep. Which is awesome cause I was constantly hanging up on people when they called because I didnt know a call was coming in....

Anyway here is my question... Is there an ap that alows me to choose which button will put the phone to sleep? After using Spare Parts to change the end button behavior I now have to wait 15 sec for the phone to automatically go in to sleep mode, which when im texting and putting the phone in my pocket before it sleeps causes some unwanted butt dialing. lol :D
#4 cburls23, Dec 15, 2010