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General Slow Mo video

Has anyone managed to get slow motion video working?

I've set it up inside the camera app but when I then shoot the video and play it back it's always in normal speed.

The sample videos I've seen on YouTube of this feature look really cool but I can't work out where I'm going wrong in getting it to work and nowhere on the internet seems to explain how to enable it correctly


#1 kingdave, Jun 1, 2015
And I've worked it out.

In order to view video in slow motion you have to use the inbuilt video player app rather than photos or vlc etc.

Seems rather stupid to only be able to watch what you've shot in the way you intended in one app rather than all of them
#2 kingdave, Jun 1, 2015
Actually this is really counterintuitive.

In order to get this to work properly I have to open another camera app (I'm using Camera Zoom here) then change that to video mode. It'll then ask me what I want to use to shoot the video so I select Camcorder. I change the settings there to slow mo and record then I can only watch it straight away in slow mo using the Video app.

I don't appear to be able to save it and can't find any other way to watch the video back in slow motion

Unless I'm really wrong here. Can someone explain where I'm going wrong or is this a "feature"?
#3 kingdave, Jun 1, 2015
When i take a slow motion video and use the "Gallery" app it works fine for me. Perhaps it varies by carrier, my friend with TMobile has that same issue.

While i do agree that it is counter intuitive i do know why it is happening. You are simply recording slow motion at 120fps. If you were to try and upload the video to YouTube for example, it would be a full speed video at 120fps. The only thing the software is doing is playing it back at 15fps.

It should come with a way to drop the default play speed at 15fps thus it would always run in slow motion. Hope this helps.
#4 LinkError404, Jun 3, 2015

I've found the gallery app is the way to go too, although there doesn't seem to be any way to save the video.

However, if I decide on a playback speed then upload to Drive then download back to device it will remain at the slowed down speed.

Now what would be great is if we could shoot like the iPhone at normal speed then have a slow mo bit in the middle at a button press
#5 kingdave, Jun 3, 2015
That would be cool
#6 LinkError404, Jun 3, 2015
Actually, completely scrap what I said about uploading to Drive then downloading again!

This is absolutely infuriating. A quick search on Google shows that people were asking how to export slo mo video from the G3 and it couldn't be done there. They've had a year to fix the software and it still hasn't happened.

The only solution appears to be transfer to a desktop and use editing software.

As much as I dislike the iPhone at least it does actually work properly on there and will be exported to YouTube or whatever in exactly the way you thought you'd recorded it
#7 kingdave, Jun 4, 2015