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Smaller icons

Is there a way to get smaller icons without root? I have seen screen shots with smaller icons so you can fit more on each page. That is what I would like. Any way to do it?


#1 novarider, Jul 17, 2010
get launcher pro and you can put how many rows and icons you want
#2 Agent Jones, Jul 17, 2010
What is launcher pro?
#3 novarider, Jul 17, 2010
app on app market
#4 Agent Jones, Jul 17, 2010
What does it actually do? I don't wasn't to change anything I am happy with the phone I would just like to be able to have smaller/more icons on the home screen.
#5 novarider, Jul 17, 2010
Let me google that for you
#6 laredo7mm, Jul 17, 2010
I don't want more home screens I want smaller icons.
#7 novarider, Jul 17, 2010
In app market More Icons Widget.
More Icons Free Widget - Android app on AppBrain
#8 tech411, Jul 17, 2010
Great app. I have the pro version. Not sure what the difference is, but I think in the free, you can only do 3 small apps in the place of 1 regular. In the pro version, I can do 16 in the place of 4 regular.

I use a 2x1 (8 total) on my home screen. And I use QuickDesk (sub-menu) with a 4x1 (16 total) on it. Very useful.
#9 Brent Pierce, Jul 17, 2010
That's what I was looking for! Thanks!
#10 novarider, Jul 17, 2010
I also recommend this. It's badass.
#11 JunBringer, Jul 17, 2010