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General Smart Scroll missing?

For some reason I cannot find the Smart Scroll feature on the phone. I looked into Settings/Accessibility/


#1 MobileES, May 17, 2014
Are you referring to the Gallery where it is called Slideshow?

It shows up in the 3 dots menu on my Verizon phone.

IF though the picture has displayed a few seconds, the 3 dots disappear. You can bring the menu up again by long hold depress on the Double Menu outline.

If you mean scrolling text, I have not done that yet.
#2 AZgl1500, May 17, 2014
It's supposed to detect your eye movement for reading documents and pages and automatically scroll. A friend said that his S4 had the feature, I couldn't believe it so I wanted to try it. There is so much stuff on this phone, I am blown away, my first Samsung phone, had nothing but HTC's before the S5.
#3 MobileES, May 17, 2014
I believe that was removed with the S5. They've cut down on some of the frivolous apps this time around.
#4 Mittar, May 20, 2014
I read somewhere where Smart Scroll for reading text is still on the S5, but a search does not find it on the Setup Menu... hmmmm

The S4 has it

This article says they are still there:

#5 AZgl1500, May 20, 2014
I looked for it, couldn't find it. Still getting used to the motion features.

I'm sure I will never use the smart scroll, I just wanted to see how it works.
#6 MobileES, May 21, 2014
Settings➡accessibility➡dexterity and interation
#7 Firewill10, May 22, 2014

I just looked at that menu. On the standard Verizon subscribers version, there is No Mention at all of Scroll.

I think that it was left off and is not available.
#8 AZgl1500, May 22, 2014
I only see Assistant Menu, Air Wake up, Touch and hold delay, and Interaction control. Is the scroll under one of these? I looked thru them, but may have overlooked...??

Verizon S5 also here....
#9 sldghmrusa, May 23, 2014
This is sprint version
#10 Firewill10, May 23, 2014
Snubbed by Verizon again!!!! I'm in the right spot, it's just not there... thanks!
#11 sldghmrusa, May 24, 2014
Don't be too upset. I have it on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. After giving it a try, more than once, I turned it off. It was too sensitive at times and not enough at other times.
#12 monicakm, May 24, 2014
Well damn, I learned something new today!! Did not know the same phones from 2 different carriers will have different features. Soooo.........I'm guessing every carrier tells Google what features they want on the O/S for their phones along with the standard list of bloatware?
#13 MobileES, May 24, 2014
I would say yes since some carriers blocked the wifi/lte dual download which was supposed to be a feature to download stuff alot quicker
#14 Firewill10, May 26, 2014
Very easy to find smart scroll..touch the settings icon at the top by the search icon type in smart scroll. It will take you right to it!!!
I love mine!!
#15 don2775, May 26, 2014
Maybe on yours, but it won't on a VZW S5.

The following is from the Samsung 270 page Users Manual, but I can verify that none of this exists on a Verizon phone.

Using the smart scroll feature
Set the device to scroll the screen up or down by tilting your head or the device. You can use this feature while viewing emails or webpages.
On the Apps screen,
tap Settings → Accessibility → Dexterity and interaction → Smart scroll, and then drag the Smart scroll switch to the right.

Use the following options:

#16 AZgl1500, May 26, 2014