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General Spam text message and Spam Folder.

Today I received a spam text to my phone from I notice that if I open my Messaging app, when I select Menu, one of the choices is "Spam messages". How do I use this feature? I want to tell the phone the texts from are spam, but doing a long press on the text does not give me this option, nor does opening the text and using the menu to indicate it is Spam.

Anyone know how this "Spam messages" folder works?



#1 AndroidMax, Jan 15, 2013
If you long press on the message you should see Add to blacklist.
#2 GTWalling, Jan 16, 2013
on Gmail, you can open the message, press menu and "report spam" then that addy will always get spammed
#3 funkylogik, Jan 16, 2013
I've tried this at both the root level of text messaging, and also within the text message itself. Neither gives me that option. Is there a master setting that I need to enable somewhere else?
#4 AndroidMax, Jan 16, 2013
oops sorry. i hadnt long woke up and thought u were talkin bout email :banghead:
#5 funkylogik, Jan 16, 2013
theres a good app called "blacklist" u might wana check out ;)
#6 funkylogik, Jan 16, 2013
Will check blacklist out, but it does at least appear that the galaxy has some sort of native spam filtering because at the root of the messaging app, the menu brings up an option for Spam messages. I'd really like to figure out how it works before I install something else.

Thanks again!
#7 AndroidMax, Jan 16, 2013
i dont use the stock app mate, never have so i dont know.
good luck :)
#8 funkylogik, Jan 16, 2013
FYI, I figured out the stock Spam folder. If you get a text from a number that is spam, you just long press the text and you can add the number to your spam folder... :)

However, if you get a text from an email address, you can not...:(
#9 AndroidMax, Jan 17, 2013