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Hello i am having a problem with the Spotify app. To make a long story short when i started using the widget on my original note 3 i bought a year ago i noticed the widget would go blank after i stop listing to it and let the screen time out ( 5 to 10+ mins). I contacted spotify and they had me go through re-installing the app, removing the sd card, clearing cache and eventually i hard reset the ph. because all my play store apps widgets stop updating until i rebooted the phone and that would only fix it for a short time. I decided to hard reset the ph and only install the Spotify app and its widget on my screen, it had the same result so i contacted Samsung and they told me it might have been the update to 4.4.4 and i would need to send it in. I decided to contact Verizon and after talking them they sent me another note 3 that was running 4.4.2 and i repeated the test on that version and again after i let it update to 4.4.4. with the same results. I ended up having to warranty that ph out since the camera was defective so i repeated the same process on the next phone with 4.4.2. I finally installed the Spotify app/widget on my note 10.1 tablet and a galaxy S3 and both of them also did the same thing. Sometimes the widget will stay updated longer but eventually after i use the ph through the day it will go blank an all my other widgets are working, I am using Audible, stock Calendar, ipcam, google+ ,HD Weather, Rain alarm. I thought there might have been an issue with the WIFI and my Data switching back and forth but i could never find away to prove it. Does anyone have an idea of what else i could try? I cant think of anything else to try and Spotify wants me to re-install and clear the cache when i contact them each time but im starting to feel its an issue with their app and Samsung products


#1 ocyberbum, Jan 23, 2015