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Sprint Call Forwarding - Conditional vs. Unconditional

Sprint has reportedly stopped charging $0.20 per min for call forwarding (Conditional only).

See here:
Google Voice & Sprint… 11/08/09 Inside Sprint Now

I've read tons of forums, discussions, web sites, and there's a lot of conflicting information and some Sprint reps are getting confused on this, it's new.

However, here's my general understanding:

Conditional Call Forwarding:

*73 - No answer call forwading
*74 - Busy call forwarding
*28 - Busy / No answer call forwarding ***

Unconditional Call Forwaring:

*72 - Forwards immediately - Still charges $0.20 per minute

I'm using *28 as the best option. I've tested it out. When I turn my mobile phone off, it forwards immediately. I am, however, checking my charges to ensure that per minute charges don't occur, even when forwarded to another phone to talk, but it appears that Conditional call forwarding is now free (I won't bother posting the multiple links, forums, discussions, releases, etc, but you may Google it).

Please be aware that there's a lot of arguments going on regarding the accuracy of this and Sprint still does not have this updated on their web site.

I'm pretty confident that *28 is free at this point though.


#1 abourne, Nov 19, 2009
*28 + Area Code + 7-Digit-Number to activate

*38 to de-activate
#2 abourne, Nov 19, 2009
As discussed in this thread:


I have two Sprint phones and want to port my standard phone account over to my Android account.

Using the *28 Conditional forwarding, I have the following options when it comes to forwarding calls from one phone to the other:

1) *28415XXXXXXX

- Turn phone off once call forwarding is activated.
- ALL calls are forwarded to Android
- It states no $0.20 for using *28, but I'm still being careful and monitoring my account online

2) Answer / Talk on HTC Hero

3) Outbound Calls - Use Google Voice until change over (see this thread)

- Use the Google Voice App on the phone, or 406-Number, to make outgoing calls for now.

(if you're not familiar with Google Voice 406, see here:

www .youtube. com/watch?v=rC_NmpzzQ3Q (remove spaces)

4) SMS - Text Messages (Sending)

- Use Google Voice App or 406

5) Inbound Calls

- will be forwarded by either GV or other phone via *28

"Houston, we have a problem"

6) If my other phone is off, calls will be forwarded. However, I won't receive my SMS - Text messages sent to that number.

I may have to wait until I migrate my primary phone number over to my Android phone as discussed in this thread.
#3 abourne, Nov 19, 2009
whats the confusion?

conditional means you have to let your phone ring first before its transferred.

unconditional means you can just setup the callers to be routed without even letting your phone ring.

if you have the simply everything plan you get both free

if you have any other plan the CONDITIONAL STILL COSTS .20 cents per call.
#4 marctronixx, Dec 3, 2009
Sorry, grasshopper... according to an article on the Sprint support site, CONDITIONAL call forwarding is ALWAYS free; UNCONDITIONAL is free if you have an unlimited minute plan:
Code (Text):
  1. http://support.sprint.com/support/article/Know_important_details_about_Call_Forwarding_on_your_Sprint_phone/case-wh164052-20100805-133416#__highlight&id16=call+forwarding
#5 mjb5406, Feb 10, 2011
Call forwarding is free with the simply everything plan?
#6 JimKnuckles, Feb 19, 2011
I had not heard that. AFAIK it is still 20 cents a minute. I will check at work.
#7 TheEngineer, Feb 24, 2011
When I was on AT&T just over a year ago, my phone would inform me that conditional call forwarding was active. Seemed like it happened when I went in and out of roaming. Never had a clue what it meant. Thanks for the explanation!
#8 rambo47, Feb 24, 2011
I called sprint to verify which code would be free - -as everyone said before me *28,*73, and the other one free - and *72 conditional call forwarding >20cents a minute...

I was using *28 forwarding to a verizon phone in an area where there was no service - I received a $12 charge for 60mins of usage. I just got off the phone with Sprint- their answer - -

conditional call forwarding is free as long as you don't answer the phone!! If you answer the phone- then it is 20cents a minute!! I had called Sprint before purchasing verizon prepaid - and they had promised it would be free - but failed to state that if you answer the phone FREE no longer applies!!!

I am very frustrated!! I need my phonecalls to come through in this remote area - verizon works - -Sprint doesn't ... I spent $135 on a prepaid verizon phone through a company called pageplus - 2000minutes good for a year for $80 and a phone motorola citrus (used) for $35 -- today i received my sprint bill and had 60 minutes of call forwarding charges - even though I used *28!! As was stated here (free) and by the sprint rep I spoke with then(free) ...

be warned--it is indeed free - -unless you answer the phone it's forwarded to!! Then it's 20cents a minute ... total rip off!! I'm only using call forwarding because no service with Sprint!!
#9 ibdunn, Sep 7, 2012
Er... doesn't that make call-forwarding rather, well, rather... useless?

Colour me confused, but doesn't Sprint have a roaming agreement with Verizon?

#10 SEMIJim, Sep 7, 2012
Colour me frustrated, confused -and pissed off with Sprint - -I said the same thing to them!! Sounds like all call forwarding useless!! the *72 charges you even if it goes to voicemail - the other 3 forms only charge you if you answer... WORTHLESS ..I told them the only reason I was using call forwarding was because they didn't have service and I was trying to avoid having to go through the contract break thing ... they said they would help me get out of the contract if I can prove enough dropped calls/no service!!

I had Sprint 13yrs ago -now i remember why I left - -been with them just over 3 yrs now - guess the only answer is root phone and go with forced roaming . ..LOL
#11 ibdunn, Sep 7, 2012
Be warned with forced roaming also, if you roam too much they will cut you off.

#12 DonB, Sep 7, 2012
Let me see if I understand this: You signed a contract with Sprint, then moved to an area with poor-to-no Sprint coverage, then wanted Sprint to forward all your calls to another carrier... for free? Indefinitely?


So they're willing to let you out of the contract you signed, after all. You just have to do a little work to get there.

What is your complaint?

Yeah, they are the ones being unreasonable.

Except they'll ding you for excessive roaming.

I understand your being dissatisfied that you signed a contract and then, for whatever reason, found yourself in an area with poor-to-no coverage, but that's hardly Sprint's fault. As for the ETF: You do understand the subsidized device mechanism, do you not? In exchange for a $600 phone for $200 (or whatever), you give them your business for a couple years. Even then: It sounds like they're willing to cut you loose if you just do some work.

Unless I'm missing some aspect of this: It sounds to me like you haven't a leg to stand on.

#13 SEMIJim, Sep 7, 2012
My complaint ... is that before I purchased the verizon prepaid phone to forward my sprint one to ...I CALLED SPRINT - I asked them if there would be a charge .... I repeat - - I called Sprint!! They said as long as I didn't use unconditional call forwarding *72 there would be no charge --****
they failed to mention that there would be no charge unless I answered the phone!!
As previous commenter mentioned other carriers offer free call forwarding .. I was not trying to get out of my contract - I was trying to make it possiblie for me to remain in my contract ... I moved to the location I am getting ready to move back to 13 yrs ago -there was no service then - -I would have hoped that in 13 yrs time (since they were trying to keep then with the promise the service was about to get better) it would have improved by now!! NO DIFFERENCE

I like sprint - I understand subsidized phones etc. etc ... when I signed up again 2+yrs ago the big advert was 4G .... I have never seen 4G!! now the big advert is LTE .. will i see that?

I know my HTC LTE phone .. is pretty much worthless -loved my HTC 4g -- LTE ..now new promises .. wonder if I'll ever see the benefits of LTE - -overall I like sprint -don't expect something for nothing -I pay my bill -- but if I need to forward because no service--charging me 20cents a minute when others don't charge you to forward ... well --seems unreasonable .. .

oh yeah -- what I'm most upset with
I CALLED SPRINT TO BE SURE I COULD FORWARD CALLS AT NO CHARGE --they said yes use this code *28 or whatever just not *72 ...THEY DID NOT SAY IF YOU PICK UP THE PHONE ON THE OTHER END YOU WILL BE CHARGED --THAT'S MY COMPLAINT... I wouldn't be forwarding if sprint worked - -I don't want out of my contract - I am willing to pay 2 contracts .. I just don't want to leave sprint an don't want to be charged for those times when calls don't go through!!!

#14 ibdunn, Sep 7, 2012
Could try using Google Voice. Integrate your Sprint phone with Google voice using your Sprint number as your google voice number. Then list your Verizon prepaid as a forwarding number. It will then ring both phones--no cost. I leave my primary Sprint phone plugged in to my vehicle (charging) and connected to bluetooth. I carry a second phone on me at all times and both phones ring and I also have it setup to ring a couple FREE IP phones at home all at no extra cost. If I talk on the IP phone it doesn't use any minutes the cell phones just use regular minutes from your plan.
#15 catpowrd, Sep 12, 2012
I do have a google number -nobody knows it --but it will forward to sprint -- how do I integrate sprint with that?? I just hacked y sprint phone after charge chrge from sprint -to run meandroid 4.0 - -great ROM and best thing is easy to change to roaming- so my signal is great when going to known bad sprint area -- I receive my calls fine--can't talk long on phone or signal drops and data comes over as 1g or something--but is working - - the verizon prepaid is most reliable so if i could get google number to reflect sprint with no other charge tht would be great - -I'm not trying to get out of sprint contract --actually it's the opposite- I can get out legally based on my living arrangement no reception --sprint even said so - -I am trying to keep sprint -- bt when they don't work at my home a bit challenging to justify - -was ging to get a land line to forward to -- but if I have to pay extraa with sprint on top of land line fee - well not crazy

thanks for any insights

#16 ibdunn, Sep 13, 2012
You setup Sprint integration from the Google voice settings I think you want option #1. It will replace your Google number with your Sprint number then you can forward to your Verizon phone at no cost. You will loose your current Google number or you can start a new Google voice account to keep your old number but both accounts can not forward to the same cell phone.
Another neat trick is to use an OBI device on your broadband internet at home and plug any old landline phone into it to use as an VOIP phone at no cost or minutes using your cell phone number & Google voice. obihai.com/googlevoice.html
#17 catpowrd, Sep 13, 2012
SO I already had a google voice number - I opted to replace that number with my Sprint number ... phone rang --I entered verification.. but before I had even entered the verification Google Voice online was saying..'There was an error with your request please try again' yet I was able to continue with phone to state name for voicemail etc.. then I tried to install google voice app on phone - -I did that no problem but couldn't get it to verify sprint number either ... any ideas?? I'll try again tomorrow ... maybe it's just down or needs time ..
#18 ibdunn, Sep 29, 2012
I think sometimes there can be a delay in getting it all to work right, especially with the integration part. Main thing is that your Google number changed to the Sprint number the rest should start working in time.
I integrated my phone and also my wife's phone and find it works nice and can use Google voice on a computer to quickly add a name to calls in history or block unwanted numbers. Also use it a lot for text messaging and stays in sync with phone.
#19 catpowrd, Sep 29, 2012