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Starfront collision problem (RTS game)


i'm a big fan of RTS games, and i wannted to play this game Starfront collision, and i downloaded the game on my Moto G, and every time i open it it says the game stopped working. can some one help me on this or know a good working game link for this game for the moto g pls let me know. Or if you know any other good "Age of empires" like RTS game for Android pls let me know :)


#1 parbosz, Apr 19, 2014
Have you tried getting it straight from Gameloft? https://www.gameloft.com/android-games/starfront-collision-hd/

That looks to be the only legitimate source for the game on Android.
#2 codesplice, Apr 21, 2014
Yes, but i do not find the game available for my device.:(
#3 parbosz, Apr 23, 2014