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Support Step by Step How To Partition SD Card?


Like many of you I have a Samsung Galaxy Precedent that is quickly filling up internal memory. I have successfully rooted my phone but now want to use Link2SD to move apps to my SD card. Problem is I have NO clue how to partition my SD card (and I'm chicken!). Does anyone have step my step instructions on how to do so? Thanks for any help you can provide. Thanks.


#1 dannysgirl1018, May 20, 2012
This link had all the answers I needed.
#2 dannysgirl1018, May 23, 2012
Im a noob and i have root on my phone. Can you Partition the SD card for more internal memory on a samsung Precedent M828c straight talk? need the space.
#3 ChrisWard, Aug 25, 2012
If you use a ROM that uses an SD partition as "internal" space, yes you can get more space. The Area51 ROMs do that. I have a 2GB partition and even when I install a dozen apps to compare them, even large ones, I still have at least 1GB free.
#4 Rukbat, Aug 28, 2012
Check out this can help
#5 Thyaka, Feb 25, 2013
How to cm7.1 by me
Hit the irc chat if u have problems for LIVE tech support
#6 Prepaidguy9081, Mar 20, 2013
I have Micromax 106a, which is rooted. I'm using 32GB external which I want to partition.
#7 gopinath36, Oct 30, 2014