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Stream Android Screen to PC

Hi All,

I am looking ofr an application similar to what I had for Windows Mobile called Mobiler; an app that would allow me to control my Android phone from my PC. Vie wthe screen, do stuff etc.

I do not need to emulate Android on my PC, no. I need to connect my phone to my PC and control it from there.

Any ideas? Is there an app like this?


#1 Szadzik, Feb 22, 2010
well you cant actually see your android screen on your pc but with this

Motorola Media Link - Motorola USA

you can do phone functions from your pc such as send/view sms, share pictures, transfer music etc.

Hope that helps :)
#2 JediMasterASD, Feb 22, 2010
Thanks, will try that.

Only the paid version for 25GBP will do that, no way I am paying that much for it.
#3 Szadzik, Feb 22, 2010
I am also looking for an app like Mobiler. It lets me use my mouse and keyboard to operate my phone with a window that shows whats on the screen. It comes in really handy when reading ebooks.
#4 Warlock, Feb 22, 2010
I found a program that does this over at XDA.

Here's the thread: [Tool] Android Screencast 0.4 (open-source) - xda-developers

Here's a direct link: androidscreencast - Project Hosting on Google Code

I'm downloading it now to see how it works.
#5 Warlock, Feb 23, 2010
Now that sounds promising. I have also been looking for something similar. I will report back after I play with it this evening.
#6 shrink57, Feb 23, 2010
Well, it displays what is on the screen, but I can't get it to do anything else. I thought I had rooted my phone, must have lost it in the last update...time to root it again.
#7 Warlock, Feb 23, 2010
I have been playing with it for a while and quite an interesting app. Not as polished as what was available for Win Mobile and soooo slow but it is a good start.
#8 shrink57, Feb 23, 2010
Also check out PicMe and ShootMe. One of them does screen shots, the other does a low-fps screen cast to a web page, which can then be viewed on any browser on the same lan. I've used both apps every now and then, and they're pretty nice.
#9 KlaymenDK, Feb 24, 2010
That is not what we are after.

Mobiler for WinMo allows you to operate the phone, send texts, initiate calls even from your PC.
#10 Szadzik, Feb 24, 2010
Yeah downloaded androidscreencast it's quite good for what I wanted. THe only thing is the low fps 3-5 I wanted more like 30FPS then I'd be happy. So we shall wait an see!
#11 blundell, Jul 14, 2010
Are you just trying to use the functions of your phone from your PC or do you absolutely need to directly see and control the phone's screen? If you just want a way to use the phone's functionality (send sms, initiate calls, etc.) you can use PAW Server. It's free and works pretty well.

The PAW Server for Android Web Page
#12 akazabam, Jul 14, 2010
A great app to control your phone from your PC is webkey.
One of the great side benefits for this app is that you can do remote support of someone else's phone.
Only one downside: the phone has to be rooted.
#13 JackTheMan18, Nov 14, 2010

I know this is a old thread, but does any one know of a app that can display android screen on my laptop wirelessly?

i have my phone connected to a speaker on the other side of a room and would like to change tracks ect with my laptop!


#14 Ste9e, Mar 16, 2011
try droid vnc server, and a vnc viewer from your pc, (realvnc) it works fantastically.
this gives you complete control.

you can do it the other way around too, server on ur pc, viewer on your phone.
vnc technology has been around for a while now, they had a vnc viewer/server for the original xbox.

have fun.
#15 ebsswf, May 3, 2011
im also looking for such a program :/ ... teamviewer is cool but it doesnt do the other way around :(
#16 Kevin0115, Jul 31, 2011
is there something that just lets my pc see what is happening on my tablets screen? have looked at all the suggestions in this thread but cant find (or was overlooking something)
#17 confused_, Aug 14, 2011
Hello Guys,

Does anybody know how I can share my screen for the USTREAM or SKYPE users from my Windows Laptop.

Actually what I want is my Asus EEE Pad like a camera device, but sharing screen of my EEE Pad.

So for example when I'm streaming my USTREAM video, I can choose which one the camera I can use. So right now I have an option choose my Laptop's webcamera. I want another options choose my Pad's Screen.

Another thing which I want its... Is it possible using USTREAM Application on Android's device sharing my Android's screen for the public. For example I have to chose which camera I want to use for broadcasting, buy am I have 3-rd option and share my screen for the public.

Best Regards for any advice, suggestions and solutions.
#18 VitalyMakarkin, Nov 10, 2011
Here's an open-source app that might give you some ideas for extending your concept to wifi: Wifi Keyboard, which lets you do text entry on your phone, using a browser. The phone-based app generates a web page, so nothing needs to be installed on the host PC. Good luck!
#19 RobertB-DC, Nov 10, 2011
I know this is kinda old, but I found it while searching Google for "view android phone on pc". I tried out the tool linked above and it works amazingly! For someone like me who wants to be able to just SMS and e-mail through out the day, the FPS isn't a killer issue.
#20 Joe G, Dec 29, 2011
I was JUST thinking about this last night and glad I'm not the only one who loved Mobiler. This app was amazing for when I was simply lounging on the couch with my laptop, I could plug my phone into the laptop (mainly to charge it) but if I received a text, email, etc I could use my laptop to control the phone (unlock phone, open text messages, read message, respond to message, ) without ever skipping a beat.

I realize in today's day and age, I could do most of that if I simply used GV for all my SMS but it was fun to be able to control the phone and multi task on my laptop.

Anyone have any suggestions?
#21 Jedi54, Dec 30, 2011
soooo late to this post, but just in case someone needed it... this is the one that i use... its worked for me.:eek:

#22 miza519, Jan 7, 2012
Thanks you !!!! DroidAtScreen is exactly what I need for tomorrow !

Not soooo late ! Just perfect timing *o*
#23 Boboss, Jan 7, 2012
hi guys been looking for this myself found this mymobiler.com
needs root
Usb driver only needed if it not already installed on pc
Works as it should
#24 French13, Jan 25, 2012
The best, easiest and fastest app for this use is called AirDroid. Check it out. No drama.
#25 theyemailme, Jan 31, 2012