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Root [T-Mobile] Is my bootloader locked?

Thanks for all this information I am new to the forums and have a major question that I want to ask but I cant because I haven't posted anything on here yet and was hoping you can help me.

So here is the story I work in IT I am very saving but never got the chance to root my phone because I didn't want to brick it. But now I am tired of waiting for jelly bean update for my T-mobile Samsung GS3. I watch all the videos on how to go into download mode and use Odin v1.85 to install a rom(I think that's what it does sorry if it's not correct I am a noob when it comes to this) Any way when I tried to install it everything passed and everything seemed ok. But when it rebooted it wasn't rooted and I didn't understand why so when I went back into download mode to see if I did something wrong. When I went back into it I found out something that I am pissed about. With the latest firmware update(please excuse if this is wrong but i think I am right) It says Qualcomm secureboot: Enable Does this mean they have locked the boot loader so I cannot root or put a custom rom on my GS3?

If you could please tell me what that means it would be great. I have a screen shot if anybody wants to see it. Is there a way around this?


#1 Five10legacy, Oct 24, 2012
Check out this thread on Galaxy S3 forum-

Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. PLEASE HELP! **

looks like the downloaded ROM might have been corrupted- there's a fix there, but be careful- it might be for a different S3 version. Maybe it will at least give you an idea what you need to ask for.
#2 rcsrich, Oct 25, 2012