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T-Mobile tether limit bypass

I've tried everything that I've found. Adding ,dun to the apn. Tried rooting and using WiFi tether router app, foxfi doesn't work anymore. I'm simply out of ideas. Does anyone have any inside on bypassing the 5gb tether limit?

I'm on a trip and using my phone to get on xbox live.


#1 xo0p, Aug 29, 2015
How very timely. ;)

T-Mobile threatens to impose limited plans on data thiefs
#2 codesplice, Aug 31, 2015
Gaming is a huge data draw and limit should be 7 gb now
#3 DirtyDee, Aug 31, 2015
Install a custom ROM like cyanogen, it's the stock ROM that's keeping track of tethering
#4 mrbox, Mar 3, 2016 Last edited: Mar 3, 2016
Old thread but I'll try anyway. mrbox knows the deal, it's something in the stock rom, I could flash Cyanogenmod, but Cyanogenmod has no WIFI calling, any clues about what mechanism it is in the T-Mobile ROM? Can I just root and delete all the T-Mobile related apps, or is it something baked/compiled deeper into the ROM?
#5 Davidzzzz, Dec 14, 2016
I installed Clockwork Tether on my Galaxy S5 G900T from the play store, and I installed the program the app details told me to on my laptop, It's USB tethering and gives me 60 mbps, but I was having no luck getting past 0.5 mbps with the stock rom and WIFI hotspot apps, something in the stock rom monitors when WIFI Hotspot is turned on and makes sure you are following T-Mobile's policy, something on your phone is limiting you. The Clockwork USB tether app must be fooling the ROM into thinking the phone is using the data when it is actually your laptop over USB.

I wonder how the responsible parental guidance mechanism can be removed. I don't want to reflash ROM's and lose WIFI calling.
#6 Davidzzzz, Dec 14, 2016
You can tell it is something T-Mobile added to your ROM, because when you turn on the Hotspot it says "Please wait while we verify your account"
#7 Davidzzzz, Dec 14, 2016
I don't want to use Terabytes, I just want the 26GB they give to be usable by my phone or laptop with big screen, keyboard, external mouse and non-mobile OS'es.
#8 Davidzzzz, Dec 14, 2016
I put CM Marshmallow on it, the wifi hotspot allows unlimited speed by default, but my speed seems to be alot slower. I was getting 60mbps on the phone before, now only about 30mbps, and the wifi tether seems to have trouble getting more than 15mbps. I tried flashing a different modem, did nothing.
#9 Davidzzzz, Dec 15, 2016