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Talk To Me Cloud - speak results?

Recently installed Talk To Me Cloud, the translation app. Is pretty cool to press a button, talk into it and get a translation.


There seems to be a little speaker icon next to the translation results, and when I press it I would expect to hear it say the translated sentence back to me, but it doesn't. Nothing happens. Press slightly to the left on if on the text itself and I'm told it's copied the text to the clipboard, but pressing on the little speaker icon does nothing.

I have text to speech installed on my phone, which works in other apps (well, it worked in Sportypal anyway), so anyone know if there is a way of making this work? Should it work?


#1 Jezston, Jun 25, 2010
Push the translate button.
#2 eel296, Jun 26, 2010
So Jezston,

Have you managed to make it work?
What language were you using when this problem occurred?
Is it still happening?

Pressing the translated text field should copy the text to the clipboard (that's normal behavior).

Give me more details and I might be able to fix this problem.

Best regards
Flaviu Negrean
#3 flaviun84, Jun 29, 2010
Mine will translate but not speak the translated message. if i press the speaker icon it says I have to buy a high def voice. Does it not come with a default voice or am I missing something?
#4 caszep101, Aug 19, 2010