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Task to restart phone above certain battery percentage?

I'm trying to get this to work and I've had no luck so far. I'm not sure what I have been doing wrong though. I've set up an if statement that checks for two things. If the screen is off and if the battery is higher than 99%. Then it says Restarting, waits 5 seconds, and finally reboots. The profile says if there is any power charging it it will run. Any help appreciated.


#1 Barbiebutt, Sep 13, 2017
Start by adding an End If at line 5.

So you have to manually call this and each time you call it it will run the test.

My GUESS is that you want to setup a profile with the conditions and when they are met the Enter Task will do what you tell it to.

Is Reboot actually available on your device? What device? Root-ed?

... Thom
#2 Thom, Sep 13, 2017
Hi Thom. I have a Nextbit Robin that is rooted and reboot is available. Even after added the end if statement it still would not run even if I dropped the battery percentage to greater than 1. I have enabled developer settings and have advanced reboot enabled if that makes a difference. I'm kind of stumped. What I'm trying to accomplish is my phone does not have trickle charge for some reason, so after 100% it just stops charging and drains battery overnight. So I figured if I just have is reboot it will restart the charging process and keep it up above 90%
#3 Barbiebutt, Sep 13, 2017
If the conditions exist and you invoke it once ... does it reboot?

Since it is a task that you have setup it will run once and then end.

If you want to monitor something you need to setup a profile. The profile has the conditions to be met and when they are it invokes an entry task that you provide.

... Thom
#4 Thom, Sep 13, 2017
Hey Thom thanks, I finally got it to work after I reinstalled and permitted root access to the app again. I tested it and it worked and then waited for it to go above 98% and it ran. I added in the End If and it worked. Thanks for the help I appreciate it a lot man.
#5 Barbiebutt, Sep 13, 2017