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Support text message font and color scheme settings?

Is there a way to change the font and color and bubbles and what not or no?
I have looked EVERYWHERE in the settings for it and I hope I'm just over looking it.


#1 marissea, Aug 18, 2012
Hi marissea, welcome to AF! :)

Unfortunately no, there is no way to configure the theme/font/bubbles etc of the stock app, you'd need to download one of the 3rd Party SMS apps like Handcent, or Pansi.
#2 El Presidente, Aug 18, 2012
With Go SMS you'd be able to change bubble & font colors.
#3 BigCiX, Aug 19, 2012
I use GOSMS and there a zillion different themes you can download to change the bubbles and colour.
#4 NikkiC, Aug 19, 2012
Hi Marissea,

You CAN change the default look of sms on the HTC one.

Go to the Messages (all messages view) click the 3 vertical dots in the top right.

Then go to settings and General. Scroll to the bottom and you'll find the settings you want under the title 'Personalize'.

Enjoy :)
#5 Rdvp76, May 15, 2013
in the sense 4+ and android 4.1.1. update, there is definitely the option to change the theme of the bubbles and the background. Just follow the instructions Rdvp gave right above me. Don't know if you can change the text however.
#6 GuitarG20, May 18, 2013