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Support Text messages not auto-deleting

So, I think this started about the time of the GB update (I'm non-rooted w/ all updates).

My text messages aren't auto-deleting themselves when they come to the limit I have set for each conversation (50 messages). I use the Handcent app which doesn't have the settings for auto-deletion, but I still have it turned on in the stock messaging app. Also, every time I try to change the limit I have for MMS in the stock app from 10 to 5, after I hit ok the menu still says the limit is 10, so I feel there may be a problem in the stock app.

Any ideas? I haven't seen anyone else notice a bug like this. Thank you for any input.


#1 Slim1023, Nov 29, 2011
i think the mixing of SMS apps does some confusing for the phone...?

i had my limits set also, but they never got deleted....
#2 Bramsy, Dec 1, 2011
Go into handcent settings and set the limits there as well. That should fix it.
#3 angldvl81, Dec 1, 2011
Like I mentioned in my original post, there is no setting in the Handcent app to auto-delete messages.

Maybe it is a conflict with not using the stock message app. I switched away from the stock app for 3 reasons: pop-up texts, having repeat notifications of unread texts, and Swype not working properly in the stock app. The Swype issue has been resolved, but the other 2 features still aren't available in the stock app. Does GoSMS have a setting for auto-deleting? Obviously, this isn't a huge deal, but I'd like it to be something I just don't need to worry about.
#4 Slim1023, Dec 1, 2011