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General The Galaxy Note 9 Rumor & Pre-Release Thread

Can you believe that the Galaxy S9 will be announced in just two weeks? WOW! And with it in full production, all eyes turn to Samsung's top flagship beast of the year... the Galaxy Note 9, coming in August!

I've been reading a flurry of articles about patent filings and prototypes, all of which need to be taken with a grain of salt. Until the Note 9 is actually announced at the August Unpacked Event, it's all rumor and conjecture. But it's FUN!

Here's a concept video that pretty much covers everything we think we know so far about the Note 9: and it's a GORGEOUS concept!

Edit: We have opened our Note 9 forum/channel - head on over for some good old fashion speculation!


#1 The_Chief, Feb 8, 2018 Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2018
I don't do any real research until I see it in a humans hand....

Even if it is a demo. 98% of the phone doesn't change at that point

I don't do any real research until I see it in a humans hand....

Even if it is a demo. 98% of the phone doesn't change at that point
#2 kennethalee88, Feb 9, 2018
I don't get particularly excited about new smartphone announcements these days, which is either me or market saturation, maybe both.
#3 mikedt, Feb 9, 2018
Well the S9 looks extremely iterative, very much a "resting on their laurels" release. What is it bringing?

* Fix the fingerprint location:
Ok, needed doing, but it was idiotic that they didn't do this last ear.

* Introduce a "variable aperture" camera:
Much less interesting than it sounds because of the very short focal length of little phone cameras: even f1.5 won't give you any subject isolation. So the only reason for having the f2.4 option has to be that lens performance is noticably worse at f1.5, otherwise you may as well just us a fixed f1.5.

,* And follow Apple in putting higher specs in the bigger phone to try to up-sell people to the more expensive model.

Overall that's lazy and marketing-driven, and not a strategy that deserves success. I'm sure that a huge marketing spend and incentives to stores to push them will leave them dominating sales again anyway, but this is looking like a dull, minor refresh.

So yeah, I hope they do something more interesting for the Note.
#4 Hadron, Feb 9, 2018
The Galaxy S9 was intended to be an incremental update to the S8. Samsung actually held a lot back from the Note 8, playing it safe in order to allow the Note brand to recover from the previous year's disaster. Now that the Note 8 is a proven success, they're going all out on development of the Note 9. The Galaxy S10 (or whatever they're going to call it) will get a lot of that development next spring.

Galaxy S10?
Galaxy SX?
Maybe an extendable version based on the X phone, called the Galaxy SeX? I might buy that one...

#5 The_Chief, Feb 9, 2018
I don't see I phone company putting SeX in their phone title. Lol.

Official phone of pof lol
#6 kennethalee88, Feb 9, 2018
I'll be keeping my sweet Note8 for a couple of years so it doesn't really matter what bells and whistles they put in the next Note or leave out for that matter. This baby was pricey enough that she deserves to get some good use. It won't stop me from poring over all of the specs and visiting all of the forums though. I gotta know what I am missing!
#7 kokiangel, Feb 9, 2018
I'll let you know how the Note 9 is, Koki! Well... that's if I can afford it this year.

My Yamaha keyboard developed a buzzing sound in the left channel, so I had to replace it $$$$
Our furry little money pit needs surgery on BOTH hind knees, one at a time $$$$
And we're getting 2nd & 3rd opinions and bids on some structural issues with the house $$$$$

#8 The_Chief, Feb 10, 2018
So you might be with me on the drooling but not buying list? I'm learning the power of the word "NO" lately. It's kinda fun, kinda not.
#9 kokiangel, Feb 10, 2018
one rumour out there says that they are going to make an optional stylus for it, which may or may not taste of peppermint.
#10 psionandy, Feb 11, 2018
Cinnamon would be better. Helps curb your appetite which is great for dieters. :D
#11 kokiangel, Feb 11, 2018
Well, at the risk of getting this thread dumped into the P&CA Forum, Samsung could make the S Pen taste like Tide Pods...

#12 The_Chief, Feb 11, 2018
An S-pen that opens out into a telescopic umbrella!
#13 InfernalByte, Feb 12, 2018
"Skinniest" tall screen yet. It might be to big for your back pocket.
#14 dontpanicbobby, Feb 12, 2018
I'm torn between jumping on the Note 9 (if I can afford it) and holding out until the December release of the Galaxy X. The more I read about that, the more excited I get! However, Samsung may only release it to the Korean market... that would sort of make that decision for me...
#15 The_Chief, Feb 12, 2018
The Note8 is already too big for my pocket. I wish they'd kept it to the size of the Note7. Slightly wider would have been better with the edge in my opinion.
#16 kokiangel, Feb 12, 2018
Well, I can start the rumor that the Note 9 Plus will feature a 50:19 aspect ratio. You think BGR will report on it? LOL
#17 The_Chief, Feb 14, 2018
^^^ That's already out. It's called a TV Remote. You can talk into them now.^^^
#18 dontpanicbobby, Feb 14, 2018
I'm seeing reports that the Note 9 will have in-screen fingerprint scanner. AND I'm seeing reports that it won't. I am not seeing a lot of reports that contradict the rumor of a 6.3" 4K UHD display... so I hope that's true! But I'm becoming convinced that maybe Samsung is paying some sites to report misinformation, just to throw us all off the scent...
#19 The_Chief, Feb 16, 2018
I want Samsung to dump the. Infinity screen. I guess I'll have to wait for change in management without the jail time.
#20 dontpanicbobby, Feb 17, 2018
I'm not sure what it is about the Infinity screen that you don't like, other than it takes a little learning to hold it correctly... but I don't see it going away anytime soon. The S9 will be an incremental upgrade from the S8; and the Note 9 is rumored to be 100% screen on the front with NO BEZELS.

I'm probably going to skip the Note 9 (GASP) and wait for the Note 10. The Note 9 will have the Snapdragon 845, which is a 10nm SoC... while Qualcomm's contractors have let slip the fact that next year's Snapdragon 855 will be a 7nm SoC with the X24 modem in it. Fully 5G LTE capable, with download speeds up to 2GBPS. As Verizon begins rolling out its 5G network, that will be a premium feature to have!

#21 The_Chief, Feb 17, 2018
'hold it correctly'?
To me that kind of sounds like Apple and the iPhone 4 'you're holding it wrong' debacle. 😄
#22 mikedt, Feb 17, 2018
I hear you @mikedt. Holding it wrong? WTF


No bezels. How do you hold it without touching the screen?
#23 dontpanicbobby, Feb 17, 2018
I think the screen will know if it's being held or not
#24 kennethalee88, Feb 17, 2018
We'll see. Otherwise they'll be howling 'screengate', and Samsung replies, 'You're holding it wrong'.
As for myself, I'm not bothering, it's too expensive, no carrier subsidy available, e.g. Verizon, and I don't like paying for the name.
#25 mikedt, Feb 18, 2018 Last edited: Feb 18, 2018