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General The "I Got Mine" and First Impressions Thread

Okay folks, we're getting shipping notifications and tracking numbers... lots of Note 8s heading our way!

This thread is for those who receive their Note 8s. First impressions, good and bad... and ideas, tips and tricks for setting up the Note 8 to get the most out of it. I highly doubt anyone will receive their Note 8 before Tuesday, September 5th... but let the fun begin!


#1 The_Chief, Sep 3, 2017
24.5 hours with it so far, and LOVE IT!!! Finger print reader isn't as bad to reach and work as I thought, battery doesn't seem to be an issue yet either. (you can see my last post for more detail)

All in all, this is a beautiful phone and I think I'm gonna be happy for quite a while!
#2 TrueFangz, Sep 6, 2017
so far so good ! im still getting used to it, however its gonna take abit adjusting to this from a relic of a phone such as the note 4.
#3 donmeca2020, Sep 6, 2017
Same here. So far I love it, but I am coming from the Note 2 (yes, a new phone has been a long time in coming), so there's a learning curve there.
#4 PhoebeDog, Sep 6, 2017
Thread moved back to the Note 8 channel... :)
#5 Unforgiven, Sep 7, 2017
Love mine also. Having fun playing with live message but out of three I've sent only one person received it. Anyone know why not everyone is getting my live message?
#6 Deelynde, Sep 7, 2017
Woo hoo!

What's better than a new Galaxy Note 8 and Waffle House?



#7 The_Chief, Sep 7, 2017 Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
It would have been nice if I could have set it up before moving my SIM, but that's what she wanted. Surprising that I can restore over WiFi and not have to connect the two phones!

EDIT: I connected the two phone anyway... much faster.

I LOVE the face recognition! Even with my glasses on, a quick double-tap of the home button gets me to the home screen almost instantly. I turned on "faster recognition" and it's FAST!

Still transferring data and updating stuff. I haven't had time to really play with anything yet, but I have ALL DAY!
#8 The_Chief, Sep 7, 2017 Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
Okay, I've hit my first speed bump during setup.

I tried to put my favorite Live Wallpaper on (Asteroids Pack, gorgeous) but a popup appeared that said if I did that, it would turn off Infinity Effects. What the heck are Infinity Effects? I don't know... and there's no setting for them. I called Samsung and HE had to go ask someone. People around him were actually stunned that he got the first tech support call for a Note 8!


Anyway, he couldn't find a definitive answer, so we have concluded that Infinity Effects would probably include the edge panels. Not good: I love the edge panels! So I'm going to email the wallpaper developer to see if there is an update forthcoming that works with the Note 8's display.

The only other problem I'm having is TOO MUCH ROOM! With a lot of my stuff moved to the edge panel, I have blank spaces on my home screens that I need to fill up!

#9 The_Chief, Sep 7, 2017
Are there any live wallpapers that work with edge screens? I mean besides Samsung's ugly default ones?
#10 lunatic59, Sep 7, 2017
I have no idea and I don't want to risk it... I love the edge panels too much. I don't know if the edge panels would restore if I used a different wallpaper or if I would have to factory reset the phone to get them back. You guys tinker with that and let me know what you find out.

#11 The_Chief, Sep 7, 2017
Did you load Nova yet Chief? I loaded it after about 5 minutes, and when I put my own wallpapers on, I didn't get anything about Infinity effects, but it sounds like its similar to the 3D Parallax thing I mentioned prior. If that's true, I think it only works with TouchWiz anyway, so if you load Nova, you shouldn't have any problems.

Ok so doing a little more research, the infinity effects are the stars that sweep across the screens. Well, they do in fact work with Nova Launcher as well, but the reason I didn't know this is because aside from that, I also install custom themes. So the dark theme I have applied to the phone doesn't support the infinity effects either. IMO they are kinda cool and appealing to my eyes, but not worth having to use only certain wallpapers or stock ugly white themes. This is why I'm looking for a parallax 3D wallpaper app, or support from Nova.

Anyhow, also to the best of my knowledge, none of this should effect the edge panels. They've seemed to work for me on my S7e with Nova and any wallpaper or theme I've had applied. And so far, on the Note 8 as well. I just tested Jumpgate, which is a live wallpaper I purchased several years ago. Works flawlessly with the edge panel.
#12 TrueFangz, Sep 7, 2017 Last edited by a moderator: Sep 7, 2017
Thanks for getting this resolved!!

#13 Redeye, Sep 7, 2017
Awesome! I have no idea what stars you're talking about, sweeping across the screen... but I'll try the wallpapers now
#14 The_Chief, Sep 7, 2017
Wow, I was on the phone to Samsung about this very question when I saw this post! After being sent to three different 'departments', I spoke with someone close to the developers. It turns out the star thing is right, but the effect only happens when you move/tilt your phone. I tried one of the other pre-installed wallpapers, and the same message came up. He is sending an email to the development staff and he will copy me on their response.

I'm very pleased that these 'effects' don't sound like anything major. It's also interesting that this message did not come up on my Note7 or S7e when I applied the wallpaper I bought. Using default launcher... Thanks.

#15 Redeye, Sep 7, 2017
My clear case came in the mail and I registered my free gift with Samsung...I got a 360 camera from T mobile coming too
#16 R=G, Sep 7, 2017
how did you get the receipt uploaded? screenshot?
#17 marctronixx, Sep 7, 2017
Did everyone get the email with the 30% off code? That was nice of Samsung to offer on top of the nice gifts and discounts. This was the smoothest transition I ever had setting up a new phone too. Done in less than an hour!
#18 kokiangel, Sep 7, 2017
Yeah, sucks that I had already ordered my Alcantara case! Maybe I can cancel it and reorder it with the 30% off...
#19 The_Chief, Sep 8, 2017
Chief, call Samsung when you get your case and they'll refund you the 30% off. This is according to talking to them yesterday about that very concern.

#20 Redeye, Sep 8, 2017
Loving the phone but does anyone know how to add a pic from the gallery? All I can find is the option to take a new pic
#21 Deelynde, Sep 8, 2017
Using the Shop Samsung app, one of the choices it gave me was to take a picture of the hard copy I had.

#22 Redeye, Sep 8, 2017
Yeah thanks for the follow up. I was wanting to know so i didnt have any lag getting the promo in once i got the device in my hands.

Initially I uploaded a PDF of the receipt, thinking that would be better, but it was rejected. Silly me.. :) so i took a screenshot and it seems to have worked. :thinking:
#23 marctronixx, Sep 8, 2017
so far quite impressed, love the screen and the camera. Will getting used to the thickness of this device compared to any other smartphone I've had and the weight, which is substantial
#24 SCY121, Sep 8, 2017

That's what I did.
#25 z1turbo09, Sep 8, 2017