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Support time zone issue

I have an issue that my phone automatically added one hour to the clock one week earlier before daylight saving time.
And when I try to manually fix the issue be changing the time zone I couldn't find my correct time zone, it shows Cairo +3 instead of Cairo +2
can any body help fixing this issue?


#1 talaatsaid, Apr 24, 2015
If you have an automatic, network provided, time option (it should be A switch) turn it off. You would then be able to manually set time apart from the time zone.
Actually, judging by google maps,
I would set it to +2 harare (Zimbabwe) time zone. If your in west Cairo that's would make sense.
I'm nowhere around Egypt or Africa though, I'm assuming the time zone.
#2 CrazyJ36, Apr 24, 2015 Last edited: Apr 24, 2015
Thank you for your reply.:)
isn't there any other way to keep my time zone to Cairo and make my mobile get it as +2 instead of +3?
i don't want to change my time zone, cause if did the watch & weather gadget may reed incorrect data.
Also in Egypt they decided to decline the DST this year so the problem is not just one week earlier.

i attached a screenshot showing how my mobile gets Cairo time zone (it gets +3 instead of +2).
Thank you again for your help.
#3 talaatsaid, Apr 25, 2015 Last edited: Apr 25, 2015
Sorry, I lost this thread.
Does the phone show the correct time for you with my suggestion though?
Hopefully you got it fixed.
I believe if you tap the weather widget it will open the weather app to change the reported location manually by adding locations. I don't have this phone anymore, but that should be possible. There's also A bunch of apps on the Play Store which can show time from all areas by using information form the internet instead of just Google or the phones carrier, they may even have widgets for your set time.
Anyway if those suggestions don't show the right time, than there's not much else that can be done until the incorrect options for time & date get reported to Googles' Android team so they know to update Android with all Time Zones.
#4 CrazyJ36, Aug 25, 2015