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Support 'Top apps of the day' pop up

Since yesterday, I have been seeing the 'Top apps of the day' pop up every few hours. I have tried a bunch of apps to find what is causing it, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions? I have tried: ad network detector, lookout, addons detector, airpush detector, ad detector, airpush finder, app brain ad detector. All found nothing causing the pop up.


#1 kls0601, Nov 2, 2013
Have you installed any apps before the popup started? If yes, try uninstalling those apps. If all else fails, try a factory reset.
#2 LilianTepes, Nov 3, 2013
The app that caused your ad pop ups might use a new network that isn't yet on the detector's actual "black list" . Maybe try it a few days later.
Or you'd try the log app 'Notification History' from Play Store to catch the culprit app.
#3 Harry2, Nov 3, 2013
I downloaded the notification history. I hope it will help. I was able to find out the ads r coming from appwall.api.airpush. com but the site is down. So there is no opt out option or complaint option for the moment.
#4 kls0601, Nov 3, 2013
I could be wrong but I believe this is still related to an actual app on your phone.
The advertisement is being pushed thru via appwall.api.airpush. com (which is not the app).
#5 ScandaLeX, Nov 4, 2013

KLS, if you search the play store for airpush, or google it, you'll find lots of information about it. Apparently it's well known for this behavior.

As a general rule, I stay away from any apps like these:

1. Wallpaper apps (if you don't know how to get wallpaper on your phone without installing an app for it, ask and someone will be glad to help you.

2. Wifi booster apps

3. Battery booster apps

This could be a much longer list, but these come to mind immediately.
#6 jwither, Nov 4, 2013
While I don't have any pop-up problems I always pay close attention to these kinds of posts so I know more about things in case I run into something (I HATE ads pushed to me without my opt-in). I did a little research and there appears to be a airpush framework that apps can use that create this problem. There is an app:

that is suppose to help you identify any apps using airpush to make it easier to get rid of them - I haven't used the app but maybe someone else has experience with it and can comment?
#7 Gadgetdude1, Nov 4, 2013
This is the first detector for airpushed ads that was availiable on Play Store ... I remember it :)
#8 Harry2, Nov 4, 2013
So after going through all the apps on my phone, I found one that did an update on the same day that I started getting the ads. I uninstalled it. It's been about 16 hours without any pop ups. Here's hoping... FYI: the app was White Noise Lite. Kinda sucks since it was helping me sleep better. Oh well.
#9 kls0601, Nov 4, 2013
And, just got the pop up again... back to the drawing board.
#10 kls0601, Nov 4, 2013
Maybe this new kind of ad as pop ups need a new approach for catching the app that caused this.
Using its need for data for to build this ad for the pop up.

I take it that this culprit app needs data for its pop up. You could proof this when there wouldn't pop ups while you switch off mobile data and WiFi.

I use an app which logs the background data of apps, 'Network Connections' from Play Store.
Install and run the app (start Live Capture) ... and after the ad pops up you might see an active app that should not sending/receiving data.
#11 Harry2, Nov 5, 2013
An app like system tuner pro or android tuner pro (the newer version) let's you see a list of everything that's running, even in the background. You can also see information about these apps liek what folder they are running from too. You can then kill them or freeze them. Having root gives you even more options but the task monitoring shouldn't need root.

I've been using system tuner pro for years and love it. I've only been using the android tuner pro version for a few weeks and love it even more. They're both great programs.

If all else fails install droid wall and only allow network access for the programs you trust.
#12 ovrrdrive, Nov 5, 2013
been having the same problem. Comming from an iphone this is really a downer about android. Very strange to experience "virusses" on your mobile device. I uninstalled most of my apps but the notification keeps popping up. also, you can't go to play store on your pc and then erase all the apps you once installed, you have to do it manually on your mobile device, really stupid.

I'll try "resetting" it and let you know if it works but this alone is a reason to go back to iphone (my alarm going off in the morning but i'm unable to stop it because of one of these stupid pop ups makes me wanne trow my new nexus 5 into the wall).
#13 mdgelder, Jan 25, 2014
I totally agree. I don't download any questionable apps, and have just been having this problem today. I am fairly sure that I got it from accidentally clicking on an in-app pop-up ad instead of closing it. This is my first android-based phone after having 3 different iPhones, and the fact that this can even happen on a phone is disturbing.
#14 zoork34, Feb 2, 2014
Virus? It isn't a virus, although it is a potential way in for one. It's an air push advert you can turn off or opt out of. Like anything you download from anywhere it makes sense to see what it does. In the Play Store you have a complete list of what any app, wallpaper or whatever wants access to and what it wants to do. If you don't want it to air push you rubbish don't install it and leave bad feedback if you find an app that will or does.

I have heard this complaint from friends and family coming from iOS and iPhones and I can see it must be quite worrying. I think I spend around an hour a week getting rid of air push rubbish for friends on their various Android phones, and still most of them install apps that can and do push crap into the notification area, or give even more intrusive popups. It is a downside of a device that needs access to the Internet to function. It is exploited by some less than scrupulous developers and needs stopping by Google.
#15 dynomot, Feb 3, 2014
Does it show up in the notification bar? If so...Press and hold on the notification until app info shows. Select that pop up and it should show the app that the pop up/ad is coming from, no?? You would be able to uninstall that way and get the direct source of the ad.
#16 techjunkie860, Feb 5, 2014
I had this and other popups and I used network connections log function and found an app called "real piano and keyboard" communicating but it wasn't in my app drawer as an icon which made me go "hmmmm..."
I went to Google Play Store and selected the Uninstall option and so far I haven't had any more issues. - just fyi
#17 rchildress, Feb 5, 2014