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Torque: the best most usefull app i use daily!!!!!


That's website for torque the app in the video there is a forum as well there for all the info you need.... app is in Android market just search for torque or obd
There is a paid version about 3 bucks which goes towards development and a free version that is ad supported.

Dev says that a dyno section will be released very soon in the next update..
This app can also see why your check engine light is on and gives link to a website that details the problem and app can clear check engine light

this app works great on my sprint htc hero and i got the bluetooth dongle off ebay for 30 bucks from hong kong including shipping
have had this app for a month or so.. had one hiccup last night and sent the dev a comm debug and he emailed me within the hour and said he would have a fix for my issue asap... well an hour later it was fixed!!!

This app is amazing.. cant wait to see what else will be added and included in future updates!!!


#1 ep3n3wp, Jun 13, 2010

Nice yeah Its definitely a badass top 10 app to have. I just got it a couple weeks back havent been able to use it because my Cobra is parked at the moment the snout of the crank bent and thats a long story but will be rebuilding with in the next two weeks. I wanted to ask weather you have seen the black background gauge theme with the default Carbon Fiber background. I saw it on one video on youtube and havent been able to find it yet. Do you have that background theme gauge option because I know I dont.
#2 Evo4sickness, Mar 21, 2011
Does Torque let you read the odometer via OBD II?
#3 toronado455, May 8, 2011
Well done Ian Hawkins, this app is (nearly) what I have been looking for. I have only had it one day so my comments are really about the setup and design.

1) Is there any way to move or delete gauges from the dashboard to make room for different combinations? The three blank pages fill up very quickly. If you make a mistake in placing a gauge it is rather tedious to revert to default and start again.

2) Since the app has access to all the required data except vehicle mass, for which we could enter a guess, it would be nice to allow for both kinetic and potential energy stored in the vehicle when plotting fuel efficiency. Otherwise the consumption gauge shows great efficiency going down hill or decelerating and poor efficiency accelerating or uphill which is not very helpful. The overall energy efficiency would be required for that compensation but could be calibrated, like the fuel consumption, using the GPS and accelerometer.

This is perhaps lily-gilding but would make a wonderful app even better.
#4 Murray Scott, Sep 16, 2011
Hi I was hoping the paid version would provide me with a terminal mode where I could type in my own code and get a response... is it somewhere hidden? If not available, is there an option somwhere to get the VIN and the odometer?
#5 slouchez, Jul 17, 2012
Defo going to try this one out.
#6 larzzz123, Sep 24, 2012
Yes it does, I use this in my Mazda 3 using a OBD tool I bought from eBay.
#7 Spicyfish, Oct 2, 2012
Looks awesome, will try if it works with my car.
#8 rab1412000, Oct 8, 2012
Originally Posted by toronado455 [​IMG]
Does Torque let you read the odometer via OBD II?

Yes it does, I use this in my Mazda 3 using a OBD tool I bought from eBay.

Where have you seen an odometer reading? I cant find it as on option on the 'Realtime Information" screen or anywhere else
#9 bsems1000, Oct 31, 2012

That last post was all messed up.

But how and where did you find the option to display the vehicles odometer reading? I havent seen that option under the 'Realtime Information' screen displays
#10 bsems1000, Oct 31, 2012
Well, I have not used this application yet but reviews are looking great. I want to use it in my car but must want to try first any trial version. Please let me know if any trial version of the same is available.
#11 rajeevk, Nov 14, 2012
looks good
#12 geekT, Dec 6, 2012
maybe it worth a try
#13 Gintama, Jan 24, 2013
FYI, for those thinking of buying this app, I just bought it today.

I bought a $13 Elm327 off ebay, it got here within 4 days.

I have been throwing money at this used Subaru I bought and was tired of going to the shop or auto parts store to get a code scan done.

I first tried the free version of the Torque app and really liked it so I thought I would spend the $5 to get more helpful features, I was excited....

Then I found it didnt connect anywhere near as well as the free version, dropped bluetooth pairing and the added features dont even seem to work with my vehicle.

I am very disappointed, I expected more and better.

I also actually like the setup of the free version 100% better, it's got a much easier to use interface, yet the paid version looks fancy and if you want to play like you have a race car you may like it, but personally I would stick to the free version if looking just for a code scanner.
#14 only126db, Feb 23, 2013
I am unable to change the Kilometer to mph even though I have km unchecked. Can you tell me what to do?
#15 ch0pper1, Oct 10, 2014
It works good
#16 psicokiller, Oct 12, 2014