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TouchScreen phone for My Daughter - Verizon - No Data Plan

First of all we are on the Verizon network.

Our 13yr old daughter wants a new phone for Christmas. All her friends "apparently" have smartphones or Iphones. However, we are not paying for a data plan - so I'm assuming she is out of luck with smartphones? I think I read somewhere that you can't have a smartphone on Verizon without the data plan.
If that's correct what is our next best option?

It has to have a touchscreen - she's obsessed with them - it's got to have that coolness factor so she can show it off to her friends *rolls eyes*.

We also have to buy it outright (no upgrade) and we don't want to spend more than $100-$150-ish. Don't mind buying used, if I can find one in good condition.

It also has to be a phone - so we can actually call her (no ipod touch or whatever).

Any ideas guys? I need to order it like this week to get here by Christmas.

*edit* Just looked at this Samsung Brightside - any thoughts?



#1 daudi81, Dec 16, 2012
never heard of this one but cnet does not give it raving reviews:
Samsung Brightside Review - Watch CNET's Video Review

hmmmmm i can't think of one that fits what you and your daughter is looking for. you might want to try cnet's cellphone finder. its pretty good at suggesting phones for you along with reviews for it.

check it out:
Cell phone buying guide - CNET Reviews
#2 ocnbrze, Dec 16, 2012
I'm pretty sure Verizon requires data for smartphones. Why not put her on prepaid? You can get her an LG Optimus for $20, or if you are feeling generous you can get her an HTC One V for $100, and just throw her on a $35 plan.
#3 blarelli, Dec 16, 2012

We just don't want her to have access to internet right now, that's the main reason..not necessarily the money. Pre paid might be an option...what is the cheapest pre paid plan we can get

We don't have an upgrade available, and she already has a phone plan so we wouldn't be able to get that optimus would we?
#4 daudi81, Dec 17, 2012
your best bet would probably be a feature phone. any of the smartphones will still have internet availability thru wifi. check out the lg extravert on the verizion wireless site. brand new at full retail it's $210.
#5 mamawm, Dec 17, 2012