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General "Trusted Credentials"

When looking around the 'Settings, security', I found "Trusted Credentials" It is lengthy list of names - many from foreign countries, and all are checked. What are they? How are they managed? Help!


#1 smitty543, May 15, 2014
(sic - From link #2) Devices and browsers contain a pre-defined set of trusted certificate authorities, along with the public keys required to verify each company's certificates. Upon encountering a certificate signed by a certificate authority in its trusted list, your device will trust that certificate (credentials).

If your device encounters a certificate signed by an untrusted company, you will be alerted with a warning. The warning means that the site's identity could not be properly verified by a trusted authority, and therefore that you can't be confident that it is not a rogue site impersonating the genuine site.

You can read more about it here: Certificate authority and here: Trusted credentials
#2 SolApathy, May 15, 2014