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Tips Trying to connect from 1 android source to 2 bluetooth speakers

Hi all -

I've done a search on these boards as well as web searches. Thought maybe you all could help me out here.

This isn't necessarily only S3 related, but since I'm connecting my S3 I figured this was a place for it.

I am using an S3 stock android 4.3 (Sprint) and have purchased a Harman Kardon Onyx Bluetooth speaker. I'm super impressed with the sound and want to get a second one, however I don't know if there is a way to send Bluetooth signal from one audio source (my S3) to two Bluetooth speakers at once. Not necessarily looking to get 'stereo' sound, but the ability to play the same audio in 2 rooms or on 2 speakers at the same time would be great.

Anyway, the only impractical solution I found is for the Note3 - basically you need 2 Note3's and then sync them to each other via an app and send each to one of the 2 speakers streaming the same audio. Not really what I was looking for...and I don't own a Note3, let alone 2 of them.

I do have a Gal Tab2 and Gal Tab 7510, but I'd like to be able to send from my handset if possible.

Any ideas? Even creative ideas like a separate unit that will take the Bluetooth signal and split it to 2? Not ideal unless it's a small battery powered unit, but worth a shot. I'm open to ideas...

Thanks in advance!



#1 AtomStrange, Mar 25, 2014
Try this one I can't offer anymore assistance as I actually don't have access to any bluetooth speakers at the moment so can't test the validity of the app.
#2 Phantogenic, Mar 27, 2014
That widget won't do anything.

You have to purchase speakers from a manufacturer that allows pairing of more than one speaker at the same time to one device.

You can do it with this one...

UE MINI BOOM Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speakers | Ultimate Ears

or this one...

ZiiSound D3x Wireless Bluetooth
#3 prj, Mar 27, 2014
Yeah, the widget allows me to connect to a bluetooth source quicker.. but since I'm only paired to the one device it's not necessary.
Still, thanks for trying.

It's a bummer that I can't pair to 2 devices from the source. I mean, even if it wasn't 2 speakers, but I was doing bluetooth to my TV for video and Speaker for sound... etc.

Maybe in a future device.

#4 AtomStrange, Mar 28, 2014
It's not an issue with the phone. It's an issue with the devices you want to pair.
#5 prj, Apr 2, 2014
It can be done, only problem is explaining it here, contact Harmon Kardon support via website or do as i did, call their 800 number, they wont ask were you bought from and they will walk you thru it, i have 2 speakers set up as a right and left one them play together.
#6 Mike Bo1966, Jan 21, 2017
You need to hook both speakers to your internet as they do connect by holding the power button and bluetooth together for about five seconds, only do one speaker at a time when connecting, then you put your phone on the internet and play music thru the internet connection to both speakers at once.
Hope this helps.
#7 Mike Bo1966, Jan 21, 2017