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Turn android phone into a wireless repeater

Hi there!

Is it possible (is there an app) to use my desire as a wireless repeater. So my phone connects to the router and my computer connects to the phone.



#1 kirky_D, Jul 9, 2010
You can use your phone as a wireless access point once your phone is upgraded to FroYo. Or you can root the thing and use it now.
#2 A.Nonymous, Jul 9, 2010
Probably not, since there won't be two separate wireless antennas in the phone. I did a hardwire tether to my Evo, and then did Internet Sharing of my wireless (Windows 7 Ent. laptop) and it worked like a charm. If that'll help.
#3 fractalsphere, Jul 9, 2010
Ok guys, thanks for your help. Didn't really think it was possible, but thought i'd ask any way.
#4 kirky_D, Jul 10, 2010
evo can with up to 8 different devices
#5 dieseldum, Jul 10, 2010
It is possible to do it with only one radio I believe. It can run in AP mode as well as client.
I have done this on Linux netbooks but yet to work out how to do it in Android...
#6 Graham, Aug 20, 2011
I was wondering if anyone wanted to contribute to an app which specifically does this? I'm looking to put together something on sourceforge. Seems like this can be done but depending on the model it can be some trouble much like any of the other mobile device apps.

Currently theres 3 people who are looking to contribute and we just need someone who can actually put together a decent layout with some graphics to make it look fancy. Neither of us are graphically inclined.

To contribute to the thread, we've found a few people writing reviews at WiFi Repeater Reviews | Wireless Repeater Reviews which have stated that they've already made their own but haven't offered them to the market yet.

We figure that a few of you most likely use this forum so if this pertains to one of you please contact.
#7 jtangles, Oct 7, 2011
I am interested in finding out more about this opensource work and how to help.
#8 rkalkunte, Dec 26, 2011
I would be interested in helping with this project as well.
#9 r3ddogg, Aug 11, 2012
I would be very interested in such app!

Such app already exists for IPhone (jailbroken of course). "MyWi" is able to work as a wireless client and hotspot at the same time. I tested it in hotels and airports and it works like a charm! I have internet in all my devices, but the hotel's hotspot thinks, that only one client is connected. :)

If it is possible on Ios, it definitely must be possible also on Android. We "just" need someone to make it. :)
#10 michabbs, Oct 24, 2012
and the line goes dead before the magic begins!
#11 supergalley, Nov 24, 2013
Love the idea!
#12 funkylogik, Nov 27, 2013
yes you can use your phone as wifi repeater for details visit : (link removed)
#13 a5hi5hR, Feb 15, 2015 Last edited by a moderator: Feb 15, 2015
I have three problems.

First, that's not a wifi repeater, it's just a tethering configuration.

Second, you've resurrected an old thread to lead people on with the wrong information.

Third, you did it to pimp your own blog and we're not your advertising agency.

I'm removing your misleading link and if you do again, I'm removing your account.

/thread closed
#14 EarlyMon, Feb 15, 2015