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Support Turn off high volume warning?

Hi, is there any way to turn off the pop up message that comes up when volume is turned up past a certain point? (around 75%) it's annoying and happens everytime :/


#1 Dubain3, Nov 30, 2013
hold down the up volume button while clicking "ok". i did that and never saw the warning again and still the sound was louder.
#2 ahjengmool, Nov 30, 2013
Only way I found was using the app 'Llama' to set a event when headphone jack is plugged in, turn volume all the way up. As far as the notification itself, had to dl 'Wanam Xposed' to stop that. Never knew about the volume 'ok' trick. Does that actually stop both the warning AND the turning the volume down deal? My phone is rooted and I was asking around to try to find the actual process name so I could go into Titanium BU and freeze it, but never got a adequate response what it was called. Anyone know what the 'volume nanny' process is called???
#3 Sportster, Nov 30, 2013
Does that actually stop both the warning AND the turning the volume down deal?

it did for me. now i have to lower the vol a bit. havent seen the warning since i clicked "ok"
#4 ahjengmool, Nov 30, 2013
This is so annoying. When im riding my motorcycle every time i get a call this stupid pop up comes back i have to stop, dig my phone out hit ok. Repeat after next call. I find it funny that Google has determined what volume is good for me to listen to my music on my motorcycle.
#5 tamsamlbm, Jun 18, 2014
Actually that is all Samsung doing that. Google devices do not have this pop up.

Yes it is kind of annoying to deal with.

This might fix it, but I don't know: Galaxy S4: Found a solution for that little sound warning when increasing volume! - Android Forums at
#6 Digital Controller, Jun 19, 2014
Bluetooth headsets don't come up with that warning. At least mine doesn't. When I'm wired the warning comes up every time.
#7 Bodycount, Jun 19, 2014
If you're rooted, Wanam xposed has a setting to remove that warning.
#8 JimSmith94, Jun 19, 2014
i use a BT headset so i never get the warning (plus the headset has a pretty good amp and you can turn it up even louder with its volume button) but it seems to impact only the wired earphone jack itself. it won't do it with the loudspeaker either.
#9 nickdalzell, Jun 21, 2014
This only worked until the next time I rebooted the phone. And since I reboot every morning, it is not a fix for me, unfortunately.

Going to try the Llama trick since I use Llama. Will report back on that one next.
#10 Methos1979, Jun 24, 2014
If that fails rooting is always an option :)
#11 Digital Controller, Jun 25, 2014
The Llama trick does not work either.

I went the rooting route on my last phone and there were not enough benefits (for me, at least) to make me want to root again.

Although certainly annoying, it's a minor thing I can live with. I rarely use wired headphones anyway. But I'll keep looking.
#12 Methos1979, Jun 25, 2014
Sorry we weren't able to properly assist you with this issue.

Hope you still enjoy your device :)
#13 Digital Controller, Jun 25, 2014
Actually, it wasn't my 'issue' as I'm not the OP. I just jumped in because it's an issue that is a minor annoyance and as such whenever I see someone trying to find a 'cure' I try all the suggested remedies!

And for the record, I don't 'enjoy' this phone... I LOVE this phone!
#14 Methos1979, Jun 25, 2014
Still willing to apologize to anyone having this issue when I can't come up with an appropriate answer :)

Glad you enjoy your device nonetheless! :D:D
#15 Digital Controller, Jun 25, 2014
You can root your Note 3 with towelroot. It's a one click root. Extremely simple.

From there you can download Wanam Xposed and remove that volume warning, as well as make countless other customizations
#16 JimKnuckles, Jul 6, 2014